The combo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good morning kid!
11:25am Phil 
[PHOTO of a beer and a plate with six scallops wrapped in bacon on a bed of lettuce]
11:25am Phil 
Good morning! Been out running on the beach. 
Enjoying my reward. Bacon wrapped scallops!

 My view

11:26am Phil 

[PHOTO a dune with a walkway and the ocean in the background]
I could help you finish those.  Then lick your fingers.


I stayed up late talking to a new man in chat – he just retired near a beach.  
Fun to help him figure out he’s found a safe place to talk.
Off to Mom’s.
Have a super Saturday!
11:55am Phil 
Food was amazing. Scallops and beer for breakfast!
Great start to the day!
Like to be slipping my fingers in you and licking them
A new man! Cool, enjoy Mom.
No point, just a distraction.
I’m wishing for a Philip protein lunch

1:05pm Phil 


Mom wanted the Chinese buffet today!  They make the best leek wontons.  So crispy!

Enjoyed a late night supper at The Ninety Nine

9:38pm Phil 

[PHOTO of him smiling soaking wet in a polo shirt]
9:38pm Phil 
Got caught in the rain


9:55pm Phil 
I look upset
Nah, grinning as always.
10:03pm Phil 
I just try to have a good time
You succeed better than anyone else I know!
10:12pm Phil 
Ha! Why not? Life’s way to short!


You out somewhere?
10:15pm Phil 
Yeah.  Fun bar!

10:25pm Phil 

Taking the Red Head to a Winery with history. 
She’s a Civil War buff. Figure she’ll love it.

10:27pm Phil 

[PHOTO of him smiling in a sweatshirt holding a glass of scotch]
10:27pm Phil 
A smile for you


You are so good looking!

10:38pm Phil 

Yeah whatever but thanks
The combo of how you look and what I know you can do… sets me off every time!
10:40pm Phil 
Ahh, I’ll take that!

I try


I want you to take me.
10:43pm Phil 
Would be my pleasure!

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