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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Good morning kid!  
Busy morning here – getting ready to go see Mom and then off to Cape Cod with my guy!  We’re going boating!  Back Monday.  
Have a great weekend dear man.
10:16am Phil 
Marvelous! Have fun! Love the cape. 
If you go to the black dog get me at shirt XML
Nude beach out there is always fun
Oh my…he wants trying to take me to Martha’s vineyard!   
I’ve never been. wow!
12:11pm Phil 
That’s where the Black Dog is! You will love it!


Check out this a cappella version of the Star Spangled Banner.  
I can hear you being part of this…

Gaither Vocal Band singing The National Anthem
I got to see the Patriots stadium for the first time! It’s HUGE!

We had a quiet dinner at Olive Garden.  Their spaghetti and sausage is soooo good!

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