Meet #21 Part 2 The elevator

Thursday July 3, 2014 
Kris was sleeping on my couch.  I had given him my alarm, so he slipped in to wake me up at 7 am.  He had decided to take the day off sick, so he was not in a hurry to leave as we’d thought he would be.  
I did my morning routine, then sat in the recliner listening to him panic about reality setting in.  I had messed up my meds so my head was fuzzy. 
We left together – Kris, Hubby and me.  We ran into a neighbor in the elevator.  We all chatted along and ended up introducing Kris to him.  The neighbor asked if he was the one with motorcycle in our parking space, as we don’t seem like the type.  We laughed over that.  Hubby, Kris and I exchanged glances over the surrealism of all this. 
I gave Kris a quick hug at my parking space, and headed off with Hubby to my car parked on the street and drove off to work.
He told me later that our building maintenance man waylaid him for 20 minutes talking about motorcycles, including taking him back to his office to look at a slideshow on his computer of his trip to some big bike event in South Dakota!  Ha!  

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