Meet #18 Ramp up meets?

Friday, June 27. 2014
Kris:  I did get home easily. up early…reality 5:01 AM
Kris:  ….meant to say…reality is hitting and it’s scary. 5:04 AM
Me: Good morning! Mwah! 7:15 AM
Kris:  Not so good here…but your sunny greeting cheers me on through hard time. 7:39 AM
Me: Have you told her you love her? 7:44 AM
Kris:  Yes…she just contacted me. She is not willing to meet alone…wants to meet with senior pastor of church we attend. 8:07 AM
Me: That seem okay to you? 8:08 AM
Me: Not a lawyer! 8:08 AM
Kris:  Yes…much better than a lawyer. The pastor is a very savvy, compassionate, strong leader of one of the largest churches in NH. He knows me well (or used to…before I “strayed”). This is serious “crunch time” for me…in terms of “telling the truth.”. Strangely…there’s now more risk in lying than coming clean. which could effect you and me…(more in next text) 8:18 AM
Kris:  Telling the truth is risky but getting caught in a lie at this point would be much worse. and lying takes a toll after a while. anyone in the EMR world who won’t admit it is kidding themselves. you don’t have to lie, so at least that’s one less stressor for you. (more > 8:24 AM
Kris:  But I want to repeat loud and clear – under no circumstances will I be willing to disclose who you are. it’s totally irrelevant to issue between me and my W. I promise u will be safe. 8:26 AM
Kris:  as far as “us,” don’t know, but there will be no “silence” if we have to end. 8:28 AM
Kris:  unless we’re having sex – then there will be silence (with loud groaning when I cum). 8:31 AM
Me: Thank you very much. I understand. I appreciate you saying. I want what’s best for you. Focus on her. 8:31 AM
Me: Ha! You are too funny! 8:31 AM
Me: Hubby said, “You two looked so cute cuddling on the sofa.” 🙂 8:32 AM
Kris:  It was extremely comforting. like it as much as u seem to like sex (if that’s possible. 😉 8:34 AM
Kris:  If I come clean with W, think she might agree to let me visit u just for cuddling on the sofa? 8:58 AM
Kris:  …maybe not. Incorrigible Alfalfa 8:58 AM
Kris:  plus we never seem to “just cuddle”…can’t seem to keep our hands to ourselves no matter WHERE we are…street, parking garage, restaurant, hotel room, your bed, your kitchen, your SOFA, my bed, my house, boat, trucks, cars… and your “lusty humming in pleasure” is unforgettable.  whatever happens… 9:08 AM
Me: All we did was cuddle. You are much too nervous about std’s for much more. 9:11 AM
Kris:  Ha Ha! 9:12 AM
Kris:  Maybe we should ramp up meets?  last fling if I’m forced to stop? before I decide if I have to come clean with W. never got the promised “bj/toy on my cock/something in my ass combo” (they should put that combo on 99 Restaurant menu–might be a hit!) 9:22 AM
Me: Oh my. I’m game! 9:45 AM
Kris:  Why am I not surprised? 9:55 AM
Me: You have taught me to say Yes and puzzle out the details later. Not to be afraid. Not to require everything figured out before I affirm… to trust and it will be fun! 10:14 AM
Kris:  I taught u that!? Not fishing but curious…how? (did I teach u that)? 10:36 AM
Me: Lots of ways… fisher. Consideration – getting to know me so your plan kept my likes in mind, Care in every detail, coming up with fun plans that kept me safe and happy, pushing me but monitoring so it was at a pace I could take, making me feel pampered… trust. 10:52 AM
Me: I’d better stop with that… crying at the prospect of ending. Not going there and messing things up until we have to! We’re all about FUN! 10:54 AM
Kris:  She called me a fisher! (Oops!…on to me!). Don’t stop there! Reeling in one compliment after another…thanks! You’re sweet…it’s ok to cry but we still have some fun to do, so “one day at a time”. Cross that bridge when we come to it (or is it cum before we cross it–I get confused.
😉 11:31 AM
Me: How’s your day going? I get out at 4. Can’t wait! 3:13 PM
Kris:  Ok. canceling all medical, dental, and life insurance policies to reduce deductions from pay and increase cash flow. 3:46 PM
Me: Please don’t! 3:47 PM
Me: Are you sure wife quit work? 3:48 PM
Kris:  Cashing in 401K because I’m 63 and can! Advantages to being in my “dotage.” 3:49 PM
Me: When do you meet with her? 3:49 PM
Me: Wanna play? 3:50 PM
Kris:  Don’t know but she’s not helping so forced to. 3:50 PM
Me: Wait until you know! 3:51 PM
Kris:  She’s making apt with pastor. dont know. 3:51 PM
Kris:  Sure…when? 3:52 PM
Me: Now? 3:53 PM
Kris:  Can’t right now. later tonight! 4:00 PM
Me: Okey doke. 4:01 PM
Kris:  Where will we be? H? Don’t know if I can keep up with your hot mama sex drive…being in my dotage and all. On my way to mom’s. eta your place 8. 5:13 PM
Me: Awesome! Repeat last night? Sofa? Bed? Toys on you and lubed finger in you? 5:17 PM
Kris:  Omg…I don’t know if I can keep up! H ok with it…really? I don’t mean cuz of sex, just “in his space” in general. 5:25 PM
Me: Sofa is fine. You started fingering my slit! He’s fine – glad to see me happy. He’s mired in prepping for a show, doing exactly what he would be doing anyway. 5:27 PM
Kris:  Watcha mean I started fingering your slit? 5:38 PM
Me: I was sitting there on the sofa, stroking your hair, when suddenly there was a hand down my pants! 6:06 PM
Kris:  Oh. THAT. I was hoping you were practicing playin 7:27 PM
Me: You heading my way? Let me know when you’re close so I can move my car. 7:29 PM
Kris:  delay…unbelievable family SHIT happening….tell u when I get there….eta 8:30 (should be right with rush hour past). 7:35 PM
Me: Big Hugs waiting for you here. 7:40 PM
Kris:  here! 8:59 PM
Me: Be right down! 9:00 PM
Friday June 27, 2014
Kris heard from his wife.  She texted to say she wants to meet him with their minister.  This seems like a good sign to me.  Better than a lawyer!  He is thinking he has to confess. Ugh.  And stop seeing me.  Double ugh! He promises to protect my identity.  *sigh  I think I am about to witness the 17th way an AM deal can go bad.  Bleh. 
He knows he is going to have to stop seeing me soon.  So he wants to see me a lot until that happens.  Yay?  Can’t decide how I feel – all mixed up.  He has been very good to me… sex is finally getting good.  I don’t want to start again.  But… I can’t have another day like Sunday.  I don’t want to help him mess up his entire life. And I don’t think I’ll miss him, just… having someone.  Then I think of never seeing him again and I cry. 
Our first for tonight was… not doing anything sexy. Kris showed up about 9 pm.  He’d been with his mother asking for money.  She told him his son hacked his Yahoo account, told Kris’ wife, children and mother he’s having an affair.  *sigh  So now he knows he will have to tell the truth, and stop seeing me.  He talked and talked about the wonderful things he has learned and how fantastic it has felt to stretch his wings on the road and in my bed.  Then he talked about the betrayal by his son.  Thanksgiving should be interesting at their house! 
He had the munchies.  He ate the remains of some onion rings I had disdained. Then he ate a bowl of cereal. And another bowl of cereal. And a banana.  And a lot of coffee!
He fell asleep on our couch at midnight.  I covered him with a blanket and left him there.  I crawled into bed with Hubby.  I tried to convince him to sleep on the sofa so I could cuddle with Kris, but he was already ensconced and dozed off.  
I worried that I wouldn’t sleep, having Kris so close but untouchable… but I dozed off too! 

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