Friday, June 13, 2014
Me: Good morning Mr Luscious Lips! TGIF! 7:34 AM
Kris: Mr. Luscious Lips? Sure u aren’t thinking of someone else? 😉 Good morning to you too! And yes…tgif! Did u read my last text last nite with two questions? No “skillful dodging” (might have to add that to the affairs contract…wink) So? Answers? Tap, tap, tap…. Pesky Kris 😉 7:53 AM
Me: 1) No. 2) Yes! 8:01 AM
Kris: Knew I shouldn’t have pushed on the first one…usually goes that way. I’ll try again later…give u time to think about it. ;). On #2 just have to believe u. 😉 8:05 AM
Kris: Your direct concise crystal clear answers made me laugh. Woke up “down and grumpy”. Now I’m smiling. thanks! 8:09 AM
Me: Yay for smiles! It’s ooky out so I am making my own sunshine and spreading it around! We need to talk about your self-esteem! BELIEVE YOU’RE SEXY! BELIEVE YOU MAKE ME WET! 8:32 AM
Kris: Ok…i’m not fishing but you’re always so positive and eager to encourage and please. I worry you’re “imagining me” more than “what u actually experience”. oh well…thanks for spreading your own special sunshine around! 8:50 AM
Kris: Can’t resist…”wet” no doubt. cumming? Hmmm? No need to reply…if not really there yet. Wed I was encouraged that we’re at least “moving in the right direction”… 🙂 8:58 AM
Kris: Probably shouldn’t tell u this cuz you worry too much with all the online war stories you hear. but this morning… 11:04 AM
Kris: Lying in bed and wife feels my rib cage (not having sex) and says: “You’re so skinny! There’s nothing there! You should probably stop losing anymore weight. you should ask Doc what your ideal body weight is. For your height you’re probably there, shouldn’t lose any more.”  Then there’s a pause and out of nowhere she says… 11:17 AM
Kris: “When u came home late the other nite i thought u had a girlfriend.” 11:19 AM
Kris: WHAT THE “F”! What IS it with women?!? (That one IS a hypothetical question…no need to answer. And DON’T WORRY AND DON’T CUT BACK ON LUSCIOUS INVITES. I’ve got it covered… trust me. 11:25 AM
Kris: Listening to neil young on radio. thought of you making fun of his singing and radio playlist on SOFA…made me laugh. Smiling again! 1:38 PM
Me: Thanks for your texts! They made me smile even though I could not answer.  Another tough day at the office. *sigh  Here’s to a quiet, relaxing weekend! 4:52 PM
Kris: Glad u enjoyed them! Figured u were busy! Sorry it was a tough day. Been doing lots of fantasizing bout spending time with u…..especially when wife leaves. Besides “main thing” (SEX!) want to do other things, things u mentioned that you’d enjoy. Maybe can chat about them when your brain’s not “fried”. leaving office…to gym then home. Was tempted to ride bike in rain today. Glad better judgment prevailed…in car! Mwah! 5:10 PM
Kris: U calling me strange (email I sent) making me laugh thinking bout it. Smiling AGAIN! 🙂 6:44 PM
Kris: Home from gym…hope u found some form of enjoyment tonite to start the weekend with.  9:56 PM
Me: Been very quiet here. Reading in chat and playing Snood. 10:36 PM
Kris: Nice…unwind…relax. I’m trying to stay awake watching Stanley Cup Final…nodding off…just woke up. game just went into second overtime. I’m guessing your not a “sports girl”. What’s “Snood”? Prob asked before. Maybe u can tell me chatting tomorrow night? 11:53 PM 
Kris: Game still on…can’t stay up. Sweet dreams or Good Morning! (depending on when u read this). Either way – Mwah! Chatty Kris 😉 12:22 AM

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