AA Batteries

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:24 AM
Kris: Morning! I slept in late…almost never do. Outta coffee – gotta run to get some…cant live without that “caffeine fix” 🙂 u sent text early (7:24) U sleep well last night? 9:54 AM
Me: Hiya! Slept fine. Did you see text with invite for tomorrow evening? 10:09 AM
Kris: Yes! And sent text back saying YES! at 10:05pm last nite right after I got out of gym. text went on and on a little 😉 said goodnite, was going to bed early… blah, blah, blah… U didnt get? Oh well…my actual choice of words was: “ABSO… F’in… LUTELY”! (Little crude– but u get the point. 🙂 10:21 AM
Me: Nope. Didn’t see that. Glad I asked! Yay! Now I have something wonderful to look forward to! 10:23 AM
Kris: Me too! Mwah! 10:24 AM
Kris: Any thoughts about “things to do to u”? (Other than, “Try starting with a better job on some of the basics, Kris.”) LOL! Sorry, u would never say that (even if u thought it  😉 Maybe u could email me something…or not. As you’ve said….what “works” depends on mood…which cant know till “in the moment”. But if u think of something…email ideas. Can’t wait for how you’re planning to “work on me”. Need to find same for YOU! The above is what I said in text last night. (If I could fuck as good as i can send long texts you’d b cumming all over the place…need towels for all the V-juice)… Naughty Spanky 11:31 AM
Kris: May want to get a few more AA batteries for all the toys to have some. Never know when u might need ’em. 😉 And still want to hear how you tried using them on yourself. Take a ride in car – stop someplace private – use your rich imagination together with toys. Could b fun!…not “lonely. Never know till u try! Alfalfa 12:07 PM
Kris: Your standby response to things you’re not sure about: “We’ll see…” is better than “No, never.” But there’s no time like the present. Grab a couple toys before having dinner with mom, then “take your time getting home” 😉 12:17 PM
Me: I bought batteries while I was at Walgreens picking up a prescription for Mom.  She wanted to know what I wanted them for… I was stumped.
Kris: That’s why your online “counselors” say, “Have those ‘stories’ ready!” So when do I get to have lunch with the two of you? Want some help with a story? I’ve got more experience at making stuff up. LOL! 8:53 PM
Kris: Droppin bike off. (Your “Up To The Minute/Mundane/Who Cares? Report”brought to you live from Silly Kris). So what time is the game room open tomorrow nite? 🙂 10:33 PM
Me: Ha ha. I adore knowing where, what you’re doing! You may arrive any time after 5:30 pm Wed. 10:35 PM
Kris: 🙂 10:54 PM
Kris: Home…tired…goin to bed. Your first name is such a beautiful name…wanted to name my oldest daughter that…but lookin forward to lots of Sass soon! Big kiss nite. Kris. 11:10 PM
Me: Sleep well sweet man. 11:20 PM

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