Skin hunger

Monday, June 9, 2014
Kris: Had a momentary twinge of feeling a little “embarrassed” and “exposed” (pun intended) about pics. Like OMG…did I really do that?! Counting on your lusty enjoyment of “all things sensual” to not feel like an “over the top” exhibitionist…or nut case!  LOL Hope u have a good Monday. Kris 7:41 AM
Me: Good morning! Natural feelings, but please don’t worry. Your fun, frisky self came through and your sexy pix are very appreciated! 7:55 AM
Kris: Thanks! Knew i could count on u! Mwah! 8:22 AM
To: Kris
From: Sassy
Sent: Monday, June 9, 2014, 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Welcome to my world! (and body…wink!)
Good morning!  I hope your Monday is going well.  I have a few
minutes before my weekly staff meeting and the best way to
use it is writing to you! 
Thank you ever so much for the photos.  They are fascinating!
I’ve never seen such an uncluttered house and cared-for grounds!  
I am used to looking at real estate photos and these are better 
than most!  I hope you can use some of these to get a high price
 for your place.  It looks very private and well-laid out.
It was great fun to see “young Kris.”  I’ll have to dig out some of 
my old photos.  Were you scared or stoned or tired on your 
wedding day?  I didn’t see your usual sparkle in that photo. 
I know you think of me as a wild woman, but I have never had
sex in the man’s bed before either!  It’s considered a “no-no” 
in the emr world but I am willing to risk it.  You are only the
second AM man to be in my bed… I have just recently accepted
that is it okay.
I am so glad you sent me those photos!  I have been looking
at them and smiling and um… fantasizing!  I have seen a
lot and these are as good or better than the rest! 
I hope the toy play will be a nice enhancement.  I’ve been 
asking around and am surprised how many men have 
never used them!  I can’t believe no woman has explored 
your sexy ass!  Definitely need to practice that some
more. Find that p-spot! 
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and feelings and
expectations, and listening to mine.  That should give us a
much better chance of pleasing each other and lasting a
while!  Which I think is a very good thing! 
Kris: Hope your day’s goin ok. Boss there to aggravate u? 11:47 AM
Me: Going ok. Yes but she cancelled our 10 am meeting. Phew. I wrote you email! How’re you sweetie? 11:51 AM
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Monday, Jun 9, 2014 2:37 PM
Re: Welcome to my world! (and body…wink!)
Hi Sassy!
Thanks for taking the time to look at the pics–and saying that you liked them (all of them!  😉 
Not every space and area in my house is “uncluttered”–but in general try to keep it picked up.  Some areas get “everything dumped there”….and then periodically try to go through them.  For whatever day(s)/dates you join me there I’ll probably “obsess” about trying to make it “perfect.”  Which of course is ridiculous because: 
1) You don’t care so why should I, and 
2) Nothing is every going to be “perfect.”  
Which kind of leads into a segue about you and me….
I’m also glad we can talk about what we think and how we feel about things (whether sex or just “stuff in general”).  And I agree, it probably gives us a better chance to stay together for awhile–if we can talk about stuff and try to figure out solutions.
I had to laugh at your comment about the lack of my “usual sparkle” in my wedding pic.  I think weddings in general are pretty stressful events.  I don’t regret the way we did it–and the ceremony and all–but it’s a lot of formality, and posing for pictures, and interacting with a zillion people.  And of course while I’m trying to get through all of that I’m really thinking, “Let’s get this over with so I can fuck my wife–for the first time!”  (Which, by the way, wasn’t particularly good that night for either of us–LOL!)
Anyhow, I don’t really think of you as a “wild woman”–just a woman who was deprived of having important basic, sexual needs met for a long time–and now wants to have them met–but finds yourself in a situation that for you is “less than ideal”.  Even if you could find the “man of your dreams”–whom you could both deeply love and passionately make love with all the time—leaving H doesn’t seem to me like something you would do for it. As far as the pleasure of sex itself–I see you as kind of “making up for lost time”–and by your own admission maybe made a few mistakes in your “early enthusiasm” about it all. 
If my efforts to bring you to an orgasm have not been successful yet (hoping they will be)–I think for you at least I provide a certain amount of relief from built-up “skin hunger.”  That’s what I call the need we all have to be touched, held, hugged, kissed, fondled, groped—all that “person to person touching” that we all need.  It’s also part of “sex”—in a different but real way.  So besides fucking you–I can rub your back, hug you, kiss you (and deeply and passionately and not just “nice”—cuz you ARE such a GREAT KISSAH!)  But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to “settle” either.  Still got my binoculars out looking for that elusive Big-O bird to appear.
Lots of “firsts” and different things—kissed passionately on the mouth right after a first date on a public busy city sidewalk in front of a restaurant,  groped in a public parking garage on a first date, sex at your house, using toys on you, upcoming sex at my house, upcoming use of toys on me (my house or your house?), anal sex…Wheeeeee!!!  I’m kind of getting to a point where I’m thinking about most anything either of us propose to do along the lines of: “Don’t know how this is going to go…but what the hell!  Sassy’s such a great sport about it all…so patient and kind….what’s the worst thing that can happen?  Might as well ‘give it a spin around the block’ and see what happens.  If it doesn’t work—well,  try something else.”
Just thought of something else.  I’m not as enthusiastic as you about the idea that “Life is not about having great experiences, it’s about having mediocre ones that you write about on Facebook as if they were great!”  However, I DO think “remembering” special moments can “keep the spark alive” to some degree.  Here are 3 REALLY BIG ONES for me so far:  
1)  When you grabbed me and kissed me outside the restaurant on our first date, 
2)  When you groped me in the parking garage, 
3)  When you moved from giving me oral and said “I’m going for bigger fish” and then fucked me on top.  
The first two put me in a trance–a strange feeling I’ve never had before.  Sometimes when I’m at your house I start to feel that way just sitting next to you on the couch.  But it’s also a “two-edged sword”–cuz it could “put me to sleep” as fast as help me “get in the mood” for fucking.  The last one (you initiating fucking me) “brought everything to a different level” for me–not to mention cumming in a way that felt amazing.
Don’t like to think about us ending—but glad we’ve got our own “covenant” about how we’ll do it when it does.  In the meantime—I really like being with you, having sex with you, thinking of fun “other” things to do, chatting, texting and emailing……Mwah!
BTW–it was very “endearing” to me that you would think of something like me having lunch with you and your mom.  Think of a lie you can live with and I’d love to.  (You may not have to lie to H–but even YOU have to lie to certain people…wink!)
Kris: Nice when something (or someone) we wish would “go away” for awhile does! Loved your email and replied…with usual “verbosity”. Have to work until 6:00…kind of just waiting/hanging out…having trouble “being productive”. So writing long emails to sexy lover. 😉 Being called “sweetie” is nice, sweet, makes me smile. W just calls me by my name, which is fine…but u using some term of endearment is fun…and different! 2:49 PM
Me: Hiya sugar, Hubby will be out again Wednesday evening. Wanna bring your equipment to my house so I can vibrate it? 9:45 PM

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