Super frisky

 Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Kris: Hope your day is going well 11:20 AM
Kris: No need to reply- know u need to focus. maybe chat tonight. meet tomorrow! 🙂 11:22 AM
Me: Hiya hot stuff! Thank you! You make me smile through a tough day – spent 2 hours training to do financial work. SUCKS! I hope your day is going well. Going to Mom’s – will look for you online later in the evening! And your smiling face tomorrow! 12:09 PM
Kris: Sorry they’re making you do stuff u hate.  Working out before work so wont b home so late…leaving work round 8:00…on to chat by 9:30. Glad to put smile on your face, but working toward “grimace of climactic pleasure” accompsnied by loud moaning. Trying to keep my “performance anxiety” about all that at “reasonable level” which you’re so good at helping with. (Hope that made u smile too!) 😉 Alfalfa 12:42 PM
Kris: I probably shouldn’t distract u with this at work, but watching some “squirting”/outside sex/bondage all in one. Girl’s not my type, bondage not my thing, and “squirting” seems fake, but listening to her cum is fun… 😉 
Kris: sent from naughty Spanky and the gang… 😉 3:48 PM
Kris: out early, sitting on bike listening to Stones “Cant Always Get What You Want”. gonna make quick stop at gym then rush home to chat with Sassy Girl. feeling naughty…let’s do something different (for us). watch some same porn clips together. sure u have a vast “treasure trove” to draw from.  7:37 PM
Me: You are super frisky! Great idea! Sadly, I am worn out, with a wicked headache. Going to bed. Sorry! 8:14 PM
Me: Wondering about supper tomorrow – maybe meet at Shaws, get veggies together? Or whatever you’re in the mood for? 8:17 PM
Kris: ok. sounds good…just entered NH on 93. stopped to take F’in helmut off. (“Live Free or Die” state–more “bad boy” friendly). still goin to gym…but makin short to get on w. U!  🙂 !!! 8:30 PM
Kris: sorry im runnin late. 🙁 just dropped off bike. hope u have enough life left for short chat. b on in about 25 10:03 PM
·       Jun 03 10:28 PM Kris: sorry i’m on late…u still up?
Kris: On if you’re still up 10:29 PM
Kris: Fall asleep at desk? Go to bed? If so, I’ll be with you in 19 hours! 10:38 PM
·       Jun 03 10:41 PM Kris: Guess is you went to bed…or fell asleep at desk. Either way sleep well and I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll leave this open a little while longer–in case you fell asleep at your desk, wake up, and want to just say good night. Kiss & Hug. Kris
·       Jun 03 10:46 PM Kris: You may not read this…but I just had a delicious thought/memory. If you’re asleep right now…..and I was there…..I could wake you up and “bother” you. But, alas, I’m here and you’re there. But I’ll be there soon!  : D
·       Jun 03 11:05 PM Kris: 11:05 p.m Guess not tonight. : ( but tomorrow will be here soon. : ) sleep well Sass. can’t wait to get my paws on you. Mwah!

Kris: I’m going to bed. sleep well Sass. be with u soon. Kiss & hug with groping. 
Mmmmmm! 11:09 PM

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