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 Monday, June 2, 2014
Me: Good morning! Hope your Monday is going well. I’m back at work. Whee! 9:15 AM
Kris: Hi [my real first name] (almost never use, in case u hadn’t noticed, teasing/playing with u a little)… 😉 I’m back to work too. Hope things are not as bad as you’ve been fearing. Change is hard…especially when we’re made to do things we don’t like…or aren’t trained for. Just remember two things:

1) you’re REALLY SMART. You can learn the new things…even if outside your training or past experience, and

2) DON’T LET THE BASTARDS (in this case bitch) WEAR YOU DOWN!

Surprised, but happy, to hear from u! Won’t take it personally if I cant resist sending text during work and u don’t reply. Focus and beat the bastards at their own game. If u leave for new job…go cuz u found something better. Don’t let bitch force u out by beating u down. BIG HUG! 10:18 AM

Me: Hiya! Be careful talking to [my real first name]… you get a boring business-like answer, if anything! Thank you for the pep talk. I am repeating it to myself. I am such an idiot, letting them plop extra work on me, AGAIN, with no extra money or promotion… but I can’t think about – have too much work to do! 12:29 PM
Kris: Fantasy summer overnight: pick u up on a Saturday (after time with mom?).  bring u to my house. throw u on my bed. do thingd to u. u do things to me. sleep. wake up middle of night/early morning. do more things. go to Essex and boat up Essex River to Essex Bay, on to Wingaersheek Beach. stop for while. continue down Annisquam River to Gloucester Harbor. stop and eat lobster someplace! go back same way. sleep again at my house. and i drop u off at work on Monday morning. OR any “variation of the theme” u come up with! Know u need to focus…just a little “diversionary day dream” text to mull on at your leisure. Hope day’s goin ok. Alfalfa 😉 2:10 PM
Me: Hiya! How’s my favorite stud muffin tonight? 7:15 PM
Kris: Good! beat me to it…was just about to text u. leaving work right now. client’s son uooing and ahhing my bike!  goin to gym. home around 9:30-10. How was work? 7:21 PM
Me: Dearest Kris, Are you available to be ravaged Wednesday night? Hubby will be out 5:30-10 pm. You are cordially invited to my home for a free evening of frolicking fun! 7:56 PM
Kris: Yay! let me see if i can move late work appointment to another day. should be able to…will let u know! 8:05 PM
Me: Yay! Now I have something to look forward to! *bounce *bounce 8:07 PM
Kris: Now now…no bouncing on the furniture (unless it’s a bed and i’m on it–then it’s 8:12 PM
Kris: …then it’s allowed 😉 8:12 PM
Kris: Just putting bike away. wont b home till close to 11. i so love chatting with u but probably too late…right? I’m wide awake and can sleep in a little if I wasn’t. but u may b tired….could chat tomorrow….and seeing u Wed…Wuhoooo!!! 10:35 PM
Me: Just realized I’ve been sleeping at my desk. Oops! I’d better go to bed. Take care sweets! 10:43 PM
Kris: You too…Mwah! 10:44 PM

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  1. Talking about work, you're almost as bad as me! 🙂

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