Cum flying

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
5/27, 6:41am Phil
Will see.
5/27, 7:37am Phil
Finally saw a photo of Beach Gal’s guy. He looks as good as I do, probably younger which is good. The middle guy.
[photo of a big family with adults and kids standing outside]
5/27, 8:56am
Good morning kid!  Interesting photo.
I am sick.  On my vacation.  Feeing cursed. *sigh
Hope you have a better day today!
5/27, 9:19am Phil
Aw, so sorry, know you have 8 days off. I guess the guy looks normal enough. Big fella. That’s her fam. The gorgeous one is Beach Gal’s daughter. Hope you feel better Sass
5/27, 9:40am Phil
Is that dude a better option than me? Must be.

5/27, 9:42am
As a lady who has had to make do with men who are around, that’s all I can say about him.  He’s there.  I have no doubt he is not a better option – but he’s available.
5/27, 10:37am Phil
That’s what she said sort of. He has no commitments and he’s there. Hell of a reason to choose a life partner.

5/27, 11:39am
Has she said life partner?
5/27, 12:31pm Phil
No she has not, but she did say he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Well of course he does. He had no furniture, no home and now he has one. She is not a fan of tattoos and dude has several and he is not going to get smaller but he looks like he fits in the family.
5/27, 3:32pm Phil
First time she has posted a pic of him that I could see as well.  I guess that says something too.
 you feeing any better?
5/27, 4:00pm
A little.  Still sniffling. Not coughing as much
5/27, 4:01pm Phil
Well that’s a good thing. Get better!

 Us boys are stoopid.  Can’t see the obvious in front of our face. I am trying to look at things with my eyes wide open and relying on what my brain tells me.  I find that’s not as much fun.

5/27, 4:06pm
You aren’t stupid.  Very often.
5/27, 4:18pm Phil
LOL. More often than I should be though. Still hung up on a girl who clearly does not want me and interested in another who is wonderful but causes me to go hmmm
5/27, 4:20pm
Um… should try to stop that.

5/27, 4:28pm Phil
Stop what?

5/27, 5:21pm
Paying attention to Beach Gal’s life.

5/27, 5:22pm Phil
I know
I do know that
5/27, 8:55pm Phil
Much better tonight! Cum flying across the kitchen
5/27, 9:02pm
Hooray!  You naughty man!
5/27, 9:04pm Phil
Ha! Talking geysers  
5/27, 9:07pm
Her kitchen?
5/27, 9:09pm Phil
She teased me all night and then said jerk off for me baby

5/27, 9:11pm
Aren’t you supposed to get it into her mouth or somewhere?
5/27, 9:11pm Phil
She was rubbing her tits and pussy. She just wanted to watch it fly  
5/27, 9:12pm
I’ve always wanted to see that!  Never have…
Fun to be watched?
5/27, 9:21pm Phil
Yeah it was, and she was getting off on it, still is at home with her friend
5/27, 9:21pm
Sounds very hot!
5/27, 9:22pm Phil
It was and is. Still got a raging hard-on

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