Blessed Memorial Day

Monday, May 26 Memorial Day
Hiya Philip!  I was indeed asleep when you called.  Sorry. I haven’t been sleeping much… get about 3 hrs and then wake up and fret about work.  Bleh.

Had such a fun time with my niece yesterday!  See photos on my wall.  Nothing like a little kid where a hula hoop and a bag of mini-reese’s cups can make her day!

Hope you have a blessed Memorial Day, full of thanks and great memories of those you served with.
I know where you came from and I appreciate all you did and how far you went to keep this country and me safe!     

10:38am Phil
Aww, thank you!       

5/26, 5:26pm

Had a nice lunch with Mom at The Ninety Nine again.
Now off to a project BBQ in the burbs!  Whee!
Hope you’re having a nice evening!
5/26, 8:35pm Phil
Cool! Tough day today

5/26, 8:56pm
5/26, 9:13pm Phil
Was supposed to see Fred. She said she was beat. I went over later and she was not in a pleasant mood. Chewed on me for about an hour, told me she was better than a mistress and it went on and on. I walked out. I didn’t do anything to deserve that. I get she is insecure about this. It was just not a good scene. I can get that treatment here. Really ruined the day and she refused to listen to anything I said.

5/26, 9:32pm
I’m so sorry.  But it may be good that she is open with you.  Chewing verbally not so good.  Hugs.

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  1. Prof4fun says:

    Phil needs to slow down with Fred and weigh things very carefully before risking significant financial loss that will definitely occur with a divorce. Sassy, give him wise counsel.

  2. I hear you. Thanks for the advice.

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