Thursday, May 22, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 8:01 AM

Kris: Morning…beat me to it! Just about to text! 9:13 AM

Me: Woke up thinking about you and wanted you to know! 9:14 AM

Kris: Awww…hope it wasn’t from a nightmare…lol! 9:16 AM

Kris: Looking into renting truck to pull boat for adventure with you next Fri, 5/30…still “game”? 9:18 AM

Me: I’m game. I’m half expecting my new boss to mess up my vacation plans. Cross your fingers she doesn’t! 10:20 AM

Kris: K…if cant get all, maybe at least fri, 5/30? but will hope for all…u no doubt need the break… 10:25 AM

Me: Very good thought! You are such a help! 10:26 AM

Me: She approved the week! Woot! 12:43 PM

Kris: Great! (What’s “woot” mean? lol) 12:59 PM

Me: Yay! Hooray! Yeehaw! YES! (It is usually accompanied by a clenched first, bent elbow and a downward motion) 1:05 PM

Kris: Ok…catching up on pop jargon. lol…how’s first day with boss back goin? 1:07 PM

Me: New boss is wicked jet lagged and only got 4 hours of sleep, so mostly leaving me alone for now. She scheduled a 90 minute meeting tomorrow afternoon. That should make for a fun end of the week. NOT! How’s your day going? 1:10 PM

Kris: It was ok…except had to drive from meeting to another in rush-hour/Memorial Day traffic…stop and go for last almost two hours…on bike! Just got to gym. Workout couple hours then home around 10:00. Sorry i didn’t see/reply to this sooner. Harder to multi-task (including drinking coffee!) when I’m riding. 6:52 PM

Me: Heard traffic sux tonight – Hubby took friends to JP to pick up kittens, normal 20 min drive took 75! 7:29 PM

Me: Car nibble did not bite. Waah. 7:29 PM

Me: Have a great work-out! 7:30 PM

Kris: Sorry about car. had good workout, thanks. dropping off bike. long tight hug and kiss on mouth lingering there with a little tongue, lightly brushing hair from side of your face. 🙂 9:44 PM

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