7 hours

Monday, April 28, 2014
7:21am Phil
Feeling blessed this morning. Hope you have a great one!

8:03am Sassy

Good morning!  Here’s to a smooth Monday!

Yesterday was fun! He’s s nice man.

8:10am Phil

Glad you had fun! She unblocked me. Feeling good this morning

8:12am Phil

A happy sweaty boy!

[photo of him in a sweatshirt all sweaty at the gym]
8:14am Sassy
Hooray!  You are so handsome!

8:15am Phil

Thank you my dear and you are lovely yourself

9:21am Phil

Fresh and clean

[photo of him just out of the shower…mmmm…. Shoulders]
9:55am Sassy
Oh man…your skin makes me crazy!  You’d think after rolling around in bed for 7 hrs yesterday I’d be calmer today but nooo

10:52am Phil

7 hours! Awesome!

4:13pm Phil

Got ten hours to go to match my record. I’ll remember that day till I die.

6:32pm Sassy
Spring flowers!

7:22pm Sassy

I’m at another project meeting, helping check people in.
So many talented women!  You’d like watching.

7:25pm Phil

Maybe. Only interested in one talented woman

I have no interest in anything else but I do love to watch.

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