Meet #4 Squirting

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I drove up to Salem, NH to meet Kris today.  New Hampshire feels like another country but is actually only 33 minutes straight up I-93.  I was a mixture of excitement and nervousness, wondering what Kris and I would do today.  It had taken us a month to get to this stage… hoping the waiting and getting to know each other will make for some incredible sex!  
Kris: Good morning Sassy! Do you have a cd player in your car? 8:05 AM
Me: Good morning to you! Yes. 8:11 AM
Kris: OK….will u indulge a mini fantasy….let me listen to some music i like with my head on your lap….back seat….stroke my head (no..not THAT one)….if u have a cd u like bring it too…just for a short time? 8:18 AM
Me: Sure. I’d be happy to. 8:31 AM
Kris: 🙂 8:32 AM
Kris: 100.7 fm radio….cant judge a book by its cover 9:27 AM
Kris: Used the 99 call ahead to reserve for 12 noon….in “Green House” room…specified booth with no one to side…window booth with wall to side….max privacy…..listen to music on 100.7 FM…..does for me what “Sassy” does for u….helps me want to be really naughty and ravage u. Mmmmmmm (as u would say).  🙂 10:48 AM
Me: Heading out. Have to run one errand, then North to you! 10:52 AM
Kris: No worries…i might b a bit late myself… carefully…mwah! 10:57 AM
Me: I’m here 11:56 AM
Me: Sitting in my car facing Kmart 11:57 AM
Kris: K….15 min. 🙂 12:06 PM
Kris: Whats ur car again? 12:10 PM
Me: Blue Hyundai Tucson 12:10 PM
Kris: K. Almost there!  At the light! 12:11 PM
We met for a nice lunch at the Ninety-Nine.  He is not very adventurous on the food front.  We did that to fill the time before the hotel room was ready.  He is contradiction… talking about saving money and eating in the room, then tacking on a lunch at the last minute.  And he brought me a plant – a pink floxx.  
He had requested a certain booth where no one could see us!  I was a total hussy and sat on the same side of the table with him!  I enjoyed their french onion soup and the chicken bbq flatbread pizza. 
I had asked for noon check-in.  The hotel web site said they’d text me when the room was ready.  When we finished lunch at 2 pm, I called.  They were like…”oh… sure… come on over.”  Then they texted me.  Heh.  He went off to the bathroom so I thought it was safe to call, but he came back just as they were asking for my name, so he heard my last name.  He was kidding me about it.  Whatever. 
So I went to the La Quinta, sat in the parking lot to wait for him.  He had asked if I would be willing to listen to a song in my car, sitting in the back seat with his head on my lap.  Sure.  Whatever.  
Kris: Wait! 2:04 PM
Kris: I didn’t get my mini fantasy…before we go in 2:05 PM
Me: Will check in and come back to car 2:11 PM
Kris: What the f….I took the first left…back on 93 south…need to turn around….Arghhh….b there in a minute….Sassy “I know your last name now” (half gotcha….evil laugh). 2:16 PM
Kris: omg….ground hog day….back at 99! 2:19 PM
Kris: b right there.  I’ll get it right this time. 2:20 PM
Kris: here! 2:25 PM
Listening outside
I got out to meet him.  We got into my back seat.  He put his head in my lap and I pulled up the tune he wanted on my phone and we listened.   I rubbed his head and he closed his eyes and grooved to a bluesy ballad.  Not sure what that was about… a fantasy he said.  Easy enough.  Fun to see him smile and relax.  
Going inside
We hauled our stuff into the room. I had a big P.F. Chang’s paper bag full of toys and lube.   He brought a rolling cooler with the food I’d requested – cocktail shrimp, water and chocolates.  He goes to the extreme.  I suggested 1/2 pound of shrimp – he bought 2 pounds!  And a beautiful “chip and dip” china tray to display them.  I suggested two chocolates – heath bars and lindt caramel truffles.  He brought 8 different options!  I paid for the room, which was probably cheaper than all that.  🙂
We spent a long time cuddling and touching and tasting and talking.  He paid a lot of attention to my boobs.  He tried several things to make me cum.  He did “what works on my wife” but it became clear I am different.  I am not a clit woman except in combination with other things… the g-spot works better.  So I taught him about that.  He was very pleased that I would talk about it and instruct him.  I was pleased that he is interested and follows instructions!  I did not cum in the usual way but something else happened.  I think I squirted!  That has never happened before, and he made it happen 3 times!  I felt this heat… then a little tingling that seemed like the beginning of an orgasm but then there was this huge puddle and I coasted down.  
Finally doing it
I sucked on him for a bit but he decided he had to be inside me.  He put on a condom and ran into that thing I’ve read about – cock will not stay up.  He was really frustrated, apologetic and embarrassed.  I assured him that first times are weird, especially with a condom tried for the first time.  I talked sexy to him, used my hand and then told him to try doggy style.  After a little playing, he got hard and was able to pound me!   Oh my.  He feels so good inside me!  And he has good hands.  Yay!  
We talked and cuddled.  We ate shrimp and chocolate.  It was delightful! 
We tried more fun physical stuff… more oral for each of us.  He tried again with a condom but got nowhere.  He was horrified and said that I would “kick him to the curb” but I assured him I was willing to try again soon. He asked about Monday – no, project meeting.  Tuesday? – no, seeing Mom.  So Wednesday?  Maybe.  At my place… maybe.  So nice to be asked to set up another meet before one is over! 
I noticed that it was almost 11 pm.  Wow!  Eleven hours together!  Time certainly flies when a nice man is touching me!  This is certainly different from the two hours stolen here or there with most of my early AM meets.  
Sadly, I needed to head home.  We worked together as a good team cleaning up, getting dressed, stopping to kiss again.  He seemed very sad to leave me, touching me in a sweet way.  We went out to our cars.  I told him we should not mess around outside.  He still gave me a big hug in that… “I don’t ever want to let go” way.  And after we had been in our cars for about 3 minutes checking our phones, he came running around to my window and leaned in to kiss me one more time.  I like this man!  

He texted me on the way home, thanking me.  Hooray!  I don’t have to worry about whether I will hear from him again!  
Kris: Thank you Sassy “I know your last name”  (I’ll catch you slip with the rest soon) for a wonderful day! Sweet dreams…Kris. 11:26 PM
Me: What fun! Thank you ever so much for everything! I’m home!  Sleep well dear man. 12:13 AM
Kris: You too sweet Sassy! Hug & Kiss…Mwah! 12:16 AM

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