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Friday, April 25, 2014
Kris: Good morning Saucy Sassy! Some horny tart kept me up late last night…and wouldn’t let me sleep this morning…so might as well get up and play. Since i like to tease, and you’re such a naughty girl, how ’bout we gang up on Ms. Demure and tease her together? Tell her your new friend Kris said during her lunch break to go into the lady’s room…leave the door unlocked…stand in front of the mirror at the sink…put her hands on the counter…and close her eyes. Tell her Kris will slip right in there behind her with a surprise. She’ll interpret that as, “Come into the bathroom right after her…”. Don’t tell her what it really means…that would ruin the surprise. To make it even more fun…you come in right after me…and we’ll have a threesome! (Try not to think about this when you use the lady’s room today.) TGIF! …and one day closer to Sunday! 7:39 AM
Me: Happy Friday! You’re a rascal! I adore that. 🙂 8:37 AM
Kris: Good! So what about the hair – no coy dodging…..let Sassy answer…. 8:39 AM
Me: Hair? 8:40 AM
Kris: Either that’s your sense of humor (and is very funny!)……or u didn’t read my message about growing my hair…..a long message that should say (More)…..that u have to tap on to read the whole thing 8:45 AM
Me: Didn’t get anything about your hair! Waaah. When did you send? Text? Email? 8:47 AM
Kris: Text….if u didn’t get it i’ll email it and u can read it later. guaranteed to make you laugh…but want a serious answer to a question. you’ll see….smirk/smile 8:51 AM
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent:  Apr 25, 2014 9:22 AM
Subject: Making?…or Avoiding?….”bad hair” days
Hi Sassy!
Ok…so here’s what I texted you that you didn’t get for some reason:
“I want your honest opinion about something..do u think i’d look less attractive if i let my hair grow really long?  I let it grow for two years once…between the ages of 19-21.  Wore it in a pony tail.  It was about 12 inches…but in a pony tail didn’t look that long because of how curly it is.  Of course, back then i had a full head of hair….wasn’t bald.  Today I’d probably look like one of the owners of Jordan’s Furniture (Eliot).  He’s bald with long white side hair he pulls back in a pony tail…..and has a white gotee (not full beard).  If you watched TV you’d see him on ads….or maybe have…..cut and paste this address into your browser to see a picture of him:  www.jordans.com/about-us/charities   
After you manage to get up off the ground where you’ve been rolling around laughing your ass off at me, I want your HONEST opinion….no “niceness” allowed.  Even if it’s just, “Do whatever you want, my MY taste leans toward (fill in the blank).
Ok…that’s enough for now.  Today I’ve given you one thing to help you want to fuck me (though you’re probably don’t need much help there)—-and another to laugh your ass off at me for.  But I DO want a SERIOUS answer!
Hope you’re having fun….I know I am!   
Silly Kris
P.S.—On Adult Friend Finder the woman I chatted with for 3 months–who abruptly dumped me—had some “friends” pics posted.  The guys’ cocks posted “right out there” used to gross me out.  But there was one nice-looking man who just had his face posted.  Out of curiosity I went to his profile to see what he wrote about himself.  He was a very friendly-looking big man (as in quite overweight)–almost completely bald.  His profile was very genuine and sincere.  He seemed like the kind of person I would like a lot–as a male friend.  In answer to the question on the profile about hair he wrote:  “Hair?  What hair?”  I thought that was hysterical….refreshingly honest instead of trying to “sell” himself.
Kris: Sent email….bound to make u laugh 9:36 AM
From: Sassy
To: Kris 
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 10:37 AM
Hiya Kris!  Thanks for digging this out and re-sending it.  Missed texts give me the heebie jeebies.  If I don’t answer any time, check… I do not leave messages unanswered!  
I try never to be serious on Fridays, but here is your serious answer.  
Your hair?  It’s your thing.  Do what you want.  I like long, short… whatever.  I will tell you if it gets gross.  And you can still do what you want.  Maybe I will take it down and run my fingers through it?  If you let me stay around that long. 
Hubby’s hair is all the way down his back right now.  He had never had long hair, but started growing it when I shaved mine… said one of us had to have hair.  His ladies like it, so he’s kept it.  
FYI – I’ve meet Eliot.  He sold me my bed on Christmas Eve years ago.  My dad was giving it to us for Christmas.  We were the only customers in the store in Natick, and he was hanging around chatting up the staff and helped us pick a nice one then gave us a big deal!  
Did you watch “Star Trek: Next Generation?”  Whenever a woman say bald can’t be sexy, I whisper “Captain Picard!” to her.  Sir Patrick Stewart rocked it. 
Isn’t it fun to look at other men’s profiles?  Several men have told me they have a “lady account” on AM (they are nicknamed “Clare” after a famous sexy blogger who used that name for his feminine persona) so they can scope the competition!  One of my AM email kings is always asking me to connect him with men I talk to, so he can have a guy to compare notes with.  He’s harmless, but I haven’t found anyone I think would want to do that.  
I’d better get back to the payroll.  Have a wonderful day!  
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 10:45 PM
Subject: Another version
The Cottontown Chorus – Fat Bottomed Girls
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 11:23 PM
Re: Making?…or Avoiding?….”bad hair” days
Hi Sassy,
Ok. I was kind of hoping you had a serious preference–but I’ll have to believe you when you say “doesn’t really matter” and that “you’ll tell me if it gets gross.”  Don’t know if I will actually do it–may just be another passing moment of temporary insanity.
As far as looking at other men’s profiles—not so much.  Maybe if I wanted to “stay in the hunt” more seriously I’d do it to “fine-tune” my profile.  I did have some brief exchanges with a woman on AM whose opinion I asked about how to write mine.  She was very brief and didn’t want to “encourage me” by engaging me too much, but she characterized what appealed to her by summarizing an attractive man’s profile as:  “Thoughtful, attractive, understated.”  We kidded that I would struggle a lot with the ”understated” part.
You like “being in the game” more than me—-including online stuff.  I just need one good woman to fuck (and kiss and hug and be an exhibitionist in public with, and chat with and send too many texts and emails to, with too many words–or WHATEVER!) on a regular basis—who’s fun and I like being with a lot.  Think I may have found her.  As far as “keeping you around”—-hope it lasts a while.  Was thinking about that today—that I don’t really want to think about it too much.  Take it as it comes—grieve the loss and move on if it goes.
You have a great day too!
Kris: Worked outside on lawn all day (no shirt, wink), sunburned (might burn your fingers grabbing my head while i do u know what), endlessly thought of u, little nervous but know it will b fine–cuz it’s you–friend, fun, funny, confidant, SEXY, put me at ease. Tired…..falling asleep….may get second wind after nap (some sizzling hot woman kept me up too late–and won’t stop teasing my brains–and some other parts). 8:13 PM

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