Water, shrimp and chocolate

Thursday, April 24, 2014 
Me: Good morning! Hope your Thursday is off to a grand start! 8:23 AM
Kris: Thanks! Hope u slept well…gonna need your strength for a good workout in a few days… 😉 9:15 AM
Kris: “I been locked up, stood up, beat up, kept down… ….tell me how long…..s’posed to keep a good man down….hoooow long s’posed to keep a good man down! …And i don’t mind stealing…. a last kiss before i die…..no, i don’t mind stealing a last kiss before i die.” “Last Kiss” by Joe Bonamassa 11:30 AM
Me: Hiya! I survived three meetings this morning. So glad to think of you now! And kissing. And more! 12:58 PM
Kris: Thanks! I needed that…timing perfect….little stressed today… won’t bore w. details….get out of work at 8:00.  ugh. if I workout after couldn’t chat till 10:30…..or tomorrow’s nutha day.You’re always so positive! I didn’t trust it was real at first. don’t know how u do that. I can get quite “grumpy”.  ANYHOW….right now I’ve just grabbed you, pulled u in for a big wet kiss…standing…clothed….pushing in against u….u can feel my hardness. Have a nice day Ms. Demure. 1:11 PM
Kris: noticed little wetness…just from end of last message…i’m male but not usually THAT quickly turned on. YOU do things to me….hope it’s a good “omen” of things to come (pun intended! 🙂 1:30 PM
Me: Mmmm…. wetness. That tingling. Means we are alive! So glad you feel it too. Puns are so fun! 1:34 PM
Kris: 🙂 1:35 PM
Kris: leaving work…skipping workout….making one stop……chat at 10? 8:35 PM
Me: Sure! 8:35 PM
Kris: k….. 🙂 8:36 PM
Me: Wish you could stop here… someday soon! 8:38 PM
Kris: i will…..for sure!….(assuming our “full test drive” on Sunday doesn’t “crash & burn”…..which I would b VERY surprised if it did….plus i remember some promises of future chances to “make adjustments” so no “#19 goes south beyond repair”….. right?) 9:10 PM
Kris: should b home by 10. talk sooon.. BIG SMILE! 9:11 PM
Kris: almost home. 10:15…. 🙂 10:02 PM

Kris: home.. firing up laptop. on in min. 🙂 10:21 PM
·       Apr 24 10:27 PM Kris: Hi!…sorry i’m late. Highway was down to one lane for night paving.
·       Apr 24 10:28 PM Sassy: No worries.
·       Apr 24 10:28 PM Kris: how was your day?
·       Apr 24 10:29 PM Sassy: It rolled along. Too many meetings.You?
·       Apr 24 10:30 PM Kris: frustrating. was trying to help wife find work and flash drive I needed to use wasn’t working. then son called asking for favor…which took up a couple hours. not too great all around…but now i get to talk to YOU! 😀
·       Apr 24 10:33 PM Sassy:  : )
·       Apr 24 10:34 PM Kris: so what’s on your mind these days?
·       Apr 24 10:35 PM Sassy: You.
·       Apr 24 10:35 PM Kris: ah shucks….i hope you’re not just saying that.
·       Apr 24 10:35 PM Sassy: I never do that…
·       Apr 24 10:36 PM Kris: good.  I just can’t get over how nice you are….really.
·       Apr 24 10:36 PM Kris: so whatcha thinkin?
·       Apr 24 10:36 PM Sassy: I have a spectacular meet planned for Sunday… you better believe I am milking every moment of anticipation outta that!
·       Apr 24 10:37 PM Kris: Wow!…..care to let me in on “the plans”?
·       Apr 24 10:37 PM Kris: or how you milk the anticipation?
·       Apr 24 10:39 PM Sassy: I run various scenarios through my mind… what it might be like – kissing, touching, laughing, talking, eating, rolling around…
·       Apr 24 10:40 PM Kris: well….you have one “fav” you’ve already given me….over the side of the bed! any others that you’re thinking of……in particular?
·       Apr 24 10:41 PM Sassy: no… still kinda vague. You?
·       Apr 24 10:42 PM Kris: no….but i think I’ll take another look at the website you sent me. to do a little “anticipating/planning” of my own. and will definitely let you know.
·       Apr 24 10:43 PM Kris: did you like that
·       Apr 24 10:43 PM Sassy: like what?
·       Apr 24 10:44 PM Kris: sorry….hit send…did you like that “folding chair” position….or did you just point it out as “a possible choice of many on the menu”?
·       Apr 24 10:45 PM Sassy: I like it.  but there are many choices!
·       Apr 24 10:46 PM Sassy: I never knew before I saw that site.
·       Apr 24 10:46 PM Kris:  : ) ok….makin’ a list…checkin it twice…..gonna deliver it to Sassy….who’s BOTH naughty AND nice! 
·       Apr 24 10:47 PM Sassy: Hee hee!
·       Apr 24 10:47 PM Sassy: Santa gave up on me years ago.
·       Apr 24 10:47 PM Kris: well. I’ve got the beard…..hope i can bring some “goodies”
·       Apr 24 10:47 PM Sassy: I thought you looked like Santa in your photos… but not when I met you.
·       Apr 24 10:48 PM Kris: LOL. looking like Santa’s not too flattering….so you thought i looked better in person?
·       Apr 24 10:49 PM Sassy: Santa is fine! Jolly!
·       Apr 24 10:49 PM Sassy: Different in person for sure.
·       Apr 24 10:49 PM Kris: Different how?
·       Apr 24 10:49 PM Sassy: I was going to say you need new photos but I hope you don’t have to go back on there anytime soon.
·       Apr 24 10:49 PM Sassy: Younger
·       Apr 24 10:50 PM Kris: how am i going to do that?….it sort of “is what it is”…..isn’t it?
·       Apr 24 10:50 PM Sassy: Do what?
·       Apr 24 10:51 PM Kris: ok….we’re “disconnected” on what we’re talking about.
·       Apr 24 10:51 PM Kris: you said i l seemed younger than in my photos…when you met me…
·       Apr 24 10:51 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 24 10:51 PM Kris: i thought you were saying i should put on photos that made me LOOK younger…
·       Apr 24 10:52 PM Kris: how would i do that?
·       Apr 24 10:52 PM Sassy: Current photos, post weight loss
·       Apr 24 10:52 PM Sassy: But I hope you don’t look for a woman again for awhile!
·       Apr 24 10:53 PM Kris: i’m not planning on it.  but just out of curiosity….those photos ARE current. do you think i look thinner in person?
·       Apr 24 10:53 PM Sassy: Much
·       Apr 24 10:53 PM Kris: hmmmmm…..interesting.
·       Apr 24 10:53 PM Kris: oh well……hoping not to need if for some time. in fact, I was thinking about that today…when i was thinking of you.
·       Apr 24 10:54 PM Sassy: oh?
·       Apr 24 10:56 PM Kris: I was thinking… I wanted to say that I’m not taking you for granted. but i have this strange combination of both being excited by you, but not “real nervous” about being stupid in things I say (which I do regularly), or “too much” (which I do too). or “not performing” (which might happen—don’t know). I feel at ease and comfortable with you. when i was “chasing” on AM  it was nerve-wracking. I feel like I can “relax” but in an exited way. hope that makes sense.
·       Apr 24 10:57 PM Sassy: Yes. I get that… the comfort mixed with the sexy
·       Apr 24 10:57 PM Kris: how is it for you?
·       Apr 24 10:58 PM Sassy: that way
·       Apr 24 10:59 PM Kris: I’m still thinking and chuckling about you thinking I seem younger in person than my photos. I think it’s probably how white my beard is. it just “looks old”but i don’t feel “old” and i don’t think i “act old” I feel much younger than I look…..even when I look at myself in the mirror. it’s weird…
·       Apr 24 11:00 PM Kris: I look at myself and think… omg–who’s that old man? that can’t be me! LOL
·       Apr 24 11:00 PM Sassy: I’ve felt that way ever since my hair came back in gray after chemo.
·       Apr 24 11:00 PM Kris: like you look much older than you feel?
·       Apr 24 11:00 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 24 11:01 PM Kris: does it bother you?
·       Apr 24 11:01 PM Sassy: No. Especially not if you don’t hold it against me.
·       Apr 24 11:01 PM Kris: does it feel like I have?
·       Apr 24 11:01 PM Sassy: Nope
·       Apr 24 11:01 PM Kris: right!
·       Apr 24 11:02 PM Sassy: You “look under the hood”
·       Apr 24 11:02 PM Sassy: see that sassy woman… the wild girl
·       Apr 24 11:03 PM Kris: that… and other parts of you that you might not identify directly as “sassy” or “sexy”. in case you haven’t figured that out about me yet.
·       Apr 24 11:03 PM Sassy: Still puzzling over that… but getting it more each time we talk
·       Apr 24 11:04 PM Kris: puzzling in what way?
·       Apr 24 11:04 PM Sassy: I see “regular me” as very… boring. Mundane.
·       Apr 24 11:04 PM Kris: how are you “getting it” as we talk….what little
·       Apr 24 11:05 PM Kris: what are you getting a little more as we talk….but that’s still puzzling?
·       Apr 24 11:06 PM Sassy: I get this one thread of a very serious, analytical, risk-averse man
·       Apr 24 11:07 PM Sassy: And another thread of a silly, romantic, spontaneous, sexy man
·       Apr 24 11:07 PM Sassy: trying to figure out the blend
·       Apr 24 11:08 PM Kris: very accurate description of me. but I don’t feel I need to “compartmentalize” the two threads too much. I can be both… maybe not at the same time but comfortable and “like” both.
·       Apr 24 11:09 PM Sassy: that sounds very healthy
·       Apr 24 11:09 PM Kris: serious and analytical side can “scare” some people a little….so i know i need to “tone it down”….but i am that way by temperament
·       Apr 24 11:09 PM Kris: curious about your statement about me being “risk aversive”…in what ways?
·       Apr 24 11:11 PM Sassy: you told me about the sharks, the STD worries etc.
·       Apr 24 11:12 PM Kris: right. STD still worries me. it’s the only thing about us going forward I’m at all “risk aversive” about. in terms of what you might want to be doing. or “who” LOL
·       Apr 24 11:13 PM Kris: you don’t need to respond to everything. i’m just “putting it out there” I’ll deal with it.
·       Apr 24 11:13 PM Kris: speaking of which…
·        Apr 24 11:13 PM Sassy: Nice to know where your head is…
·       Apr 24 11:13 PM Kris: why nice to know?
·       Apr 24 11:14 PM Sassy: every bit I know fills in another piece of the Kris puzzle
·       Apr 24 11:15 PM Kris: LOL…..
·       Apr 24 11:15 PM Kris: so today I was EXTREMELY “silly, and romantic and spontaneous” and wasted a lot of time being so.
·       Apr 24 11:16 PM Sassy: oh?
·       Apr 24 11:16 PM Kris: yes….but now I’m thinking in too many directions. let me go back a little…and ask you a couple of “serious” questions…
·       Apr 24 11:18 PM Kris: ready?
·       Apr 24 11:19 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 24 11:20 PM Kris: ok. so my guess is asking you to be tested and giving you my test results is not your typical experience in the world of AM , or meets, or whatever. but didn’t you have some “concerns” that testing helps relieve/eliminate?
·       Apr 24 11:23 PM Kris: is this slow…or did u have to step away?
·       Apr 24 11:24 PM Sassy: I am thinking. It is very nice to know. And very nice to be on equal footing
·       Apr 24 11:25 PM Sassy: I have only talked about it, worried about it with one other man. The old flame, when I was new to “cheating”
·       Apr 24 11:26 PM Kris: why only with him?
·       Apr 24 11:26 PM Kris: want to come back to “cheating” but will wait for answer to previous question first
·       Apr 24 11:27 PM Sassy: If I think too much about it, I’d lock up and stay home. And not get what I need. So I put it aside.
·       Apr 24 11:29 PM Kris: that’s an honest answer….which makes you a bigger risk-taker than me when it comes to sex and when you give me answers like that it is part of the “other woman” who makes you even MORE HOT to me….which you have a hard time understanding about the “pieces of the puzzle that make up Kris”……but I’m telling you I want to fuck YOU……not to freak you out….but it’s just the way I’m wired…..what would it be like for “Ms. Demure” to get a good fucking?….she might like it as much as Sassy!!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 24 11:33 PM Sassy: Trying to fathom that…
·       Apr 24 11:33 PM Kris: don’t have to answer….unless you’d like….or want to say something about “cheating”….
·       Apr 24 11:33 PM Kris: you were typing something…go ahead…sorry
·       Apr 24 11:34 PM Sassy: in theory I don’t cheat. Because H knows and approves and encourages.
·       Apr 24 11:34 PM Kris: right! but it’s more than that from your point of view
·       Apr 24 11:34 PM Sassy: But I am with married men, and it’s not where I ever thought I’d be… so it still feels like cheating
·       Apr 24 11:35 PM Kris: is it part of the excitement for you?
·       Apr 24 11:35 PM Sassy: no. don’t think so
·       Apr 24 11:36 PM Kris: so why does it still feel like cheating…..because most married men have to hide it….and you’re always very aware of it?
·       Apr 24 11:36 PM Sassy: The excitement is in getting to know someone, finding out what makes him happy, what he can offer me, being touched.
·       Apr 24 11:36 PM Sassy: Yes. Cannot talk about it to most people.
·       Apr 24 11:36 PM Sassy: SImple question like “How was your weekend?” when I get to work.
·       Apr 24 11:36 PM Sassy: “Um… great! I met this new guy and we had a great time in a hotel” and… no
·       Apr 24 11:37 PM Kris: LOL…you should try that sometime….would cause quite a stir at the water cooler I would think…LOL!
·       Apr 24 11:38 PM Sassy: You first
·       Apr 24 11:38 PM Sassy: I was shocked today
·       Apr 24 11:38 PM Kris: how so?
·       Apr 24 11:38 PM Sassy: My students were talking about dating sites
·       Apr 24 11:38 PM Sassy: and one of them mentioned Ashley Madison!
·       Apr 24 11:39 PM Kris: you’re divulging “personal secrets”….”students”?
·       Apr 24 11:39 PM Sassy: I have a bunch of student interns who work in my office
·       Apr 24 11:39 PM Sassy: They keep me young.  : )
·       Apr 24 11:39 PM Kris: how did you respond to the AM comment?
·       Apr 24 11:41 PM Sassy: I just nodded. He asked me what I thought the owner of that site tells his kids he does for a living or what his staff say at cocktail parties about their employment
·       Apr 24 11:41 PM Sassy: They talked about whether they could work for such a company
·       Apr 24 11:41 PM Kris: did they think they could?
·       Apr 24 11:42 PM Sassy: Depends on what it pays. Heh.
·       Apr 24 11:42 PM Kris: LOL
·       Apr 24 11:42 PM Sassy: They are like “I’d start my own, do it better”
·       Apr 24 11:43 PM Kris: are any of them married?
·       Apr 24 11:43 PM Sassy: Some of them are, but not the ones there today
·       Apr 24 11:45 PM Sassy: One said he appreciates AM for keeping the married folk off the other dating sites.
·       Apr 24 11:45 PM Kris: so they’re blowing smoke….let them try doing it…..after being married as long as I have….and not having sex with anyone but my wife for a long time. I’ve got bigger “kahunahs”……they don’t know what it actually takes…..to make a decision for the first time and actually DO it.
·       Apr 24 11:45 PM Sassy: Oh… you know how kids are. They know EVERYTHING.
·       Apr 24 11:46 PM Kris: I kid with families who have rebellious teenagers… i say this right in front of the teenagers…
·       Apr 24 11:46 PM Kris: when they’re acting all “know it all”…I’ll say….
·       Apr 24 11:46 PM Kris: you remind me of a bumper sticker i saw one time…
·       Apr 24 11:46 PM Kris: it said, “Hire a Teenager While They Still Know Everything!”
·       Apr 24 11:47 PM Sassy: Yeah… I’ve seen “Go ahead and do it all while you still know everything”
·       Apr 24 11:47 PM Sassy: I was in college when I started to realize the more I learned, the less I knew
·       Apr 24 11:47 PM Kris: Of course, you’re not dealing with teenagers….but young adults I assume..
·       Apr 24 11:48 PM Kris: switch to something else…about Sunday…ready?
·       Apr 24 11:48 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 24 11:48 PM Kris: this will make you laugh (I think)…
·       Apr 24 11:48 PM Kris: I hope I know how to put on a condom
·       Apr 24 11:48 PM Sassy: Google it. 
·       Apr 24 11:49 PM Kris: you’re a riot… I’ll figure it out…
·       Apr 24 11:49 PM Sassy: Well?
·       Apr 24 11:49 PM Kris: well what?
·       Apr 24 11:49 PM Sassy: The big trick is to leave space at the top for… fluid
·       Apr 24 11:49 PM Sassy: then unroll is slowly so you don’t tear it
·       Apr 24 11:50 PM Sassy: It may kill your erection
·       Apr 24 11:50 PM Sassy: Don’t worry about it… usually comes back
·       Apr 24 11:50 PM Kris: hope so!
·       Apr 24 11:50 PM Sassy: have you ever used them before?
·       Apr 24 11:50 PM Kris: only once in my whole life
·       Apr 24 11:51 PM Kris: the first time I had sex with my first wife….before we were married….the first time I had sex with anyone…..it was her….when she was 15 and I was 17…
·       Apr 24 11:52 PM Sassy: Wow…
·       Apr 24 11:52 PM Kris: after that…never with anyone else…including her…..which led to her getting pregnant…..and my almost charged with statutory rape when I was 18 and she was 16
·       Apr 24 11:52 PM Kris: why wow?
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Sassy: just thinking of your bar fuck uddies
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Kris: in terms of what….my “risk aversion”?
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Sassy: yeah
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Sassy: you are a lucky man
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Kris: i was a reckless, wild drunk. I know
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Sassy: not to have caught something from them
·       Apr 24 11:53 PM Kris: when I got sober i was terrified….so I got tested
·       Apr 24 11:54 PM Kris: I was scared to death…and nothing was positive.
·       Apr 24 11:54 PM Kris: especially the “coke whore” who I used to tie off so she could “boot” (shoot up) cocaine. you’re right…i’m lucky.
·       Apr 24 11:55 PM Kris: speaking of the “wild side”….want to hear a little about my”silly, romatic, waste of time?
·       Apr 24 11:56 PM Sassy: okay
·       Apr 24 11:56 PM Kris: are you getting tired…it’s getting late….
·       Apr 24 11:57 PM Sassy: Just a little but I want to hear more
·       Apr 24 11:58 PM Kris: ok….a little more….but know you need your sleep….i can sleep in…but here’s the silly stuff I was doing
·       Apr 24 11:58 PM Kris: I was “practicing my sidewalk fantasy” in my living room today.
·       Apr 24 11:59 PM Kris: listening to some music I really like (Bonamassa) REALLY LOUD….
·       Apr 24 11:59 PM Kris: imagining you sitting someplace in public watching the crazy old man putting on his crazy show…
·       Apr 24 11:59 PM Kris: I was dancing and singing along with the music..
·       Apr 24 11:59 PM Kris: it was REALLY loud….
·       Apr 25 12:00 AM Kris: I was imagining how you’d be reacting…how I’d approach you…fantasizing. I was doing it for quite a while.
·       Apr 25 12:00 AM Kris: as I was doing it my wife suddenly walked in the house. she had been out.
·       Apr 25 12:01 AM Kris: she just looked at me and shook her head with a faint smile…she’s getting used to her husband having lost his mind. it doesn’t surprise her and she doesn’t react to it anymore.
·       Apr 25 12:01 AM Kris: so I kept going. I invited her to join me dancing.
·       Apr 25 12:02 AM Kris: she went along a little….but then said she didn’t feel good (which she really doesn’t)….so wouldn’t continue..
·       Apr 25 12:02 AM Kris: but I was still imagining doing it with you… how you would react. just being silly….
·       Apr 25 12:02 AM Kris: I thought of making a big sign and putting it on my bike…like a crazy homeless person…that said…
·       Apr 25 12:04 AM Kris: Lonely, old and crazy…..Will work, dance or sing for love…..donations of all sizes and shapes welcome. God bless you.
·       Apr 25 12:04 AM Kris: Don’t worry….I won’t go that far….
·       Apr 25 12:04 AM Kris: that’s it!
·       Apr 25 12:04 AM Sassy: You are something!
·       Apr 25 12:04 AM Sassy: Why did you want the big huge bike?
·       Apr 25 12:06 AM Kris: I’ve always wanted a Harley. figured might as well go the “whole nine yards” part of my most recent “mid life crisis”….on my bucket list…..now YOU’RE waxing “analytical”….what are you thinking might be the reason?
·       Apr 25 12:08 AM Sassy: I didn’t know. Most of the other bikers I have talked with are speed demons.  Little yahamas. Not cruisers
·       Apr 25 12:09 AM Kris:  ok….I’ll give you a little “biker culture” education…..but don’t want to keep you up too late….want this “biker eduation”?
·       Apr 25 12:10 AM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 25 12:11 AM Kris: ok….there’s a whole “culture/mystique” around owning a Harley-Davidson that has some political/historical/cultural roots…..in American culture.
·       Apr 25 12:11 AM Kris: it goes back to being “American made”—-as opposed to “rice burners” (i.e., Japanese made)….
·       Apr 25 12:11 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Apr 25 12:11 AM Kris: you know about that?
·       Apr 25 12:12 AM Sassy: Heard the term
·       Apr 25 12:12 AM Kris: ok…it goes back to after World War 2.
·       Apr 25 12:12 AM Kris: veterans who had fought in World War 2 still thought of the Japanese as “the enemy”
·       Apr 25 12:13 AM Kris: and they were offended and against supporting them economically by buying anything they made.
·       Apr 25 12:13 AM Kris: so they would only buy American motorcycles…
·       Apr 25 12:13 AM Kris: there aren’t many manufacturers of them in America.
·       Apr 25 12:14 AM Kris: during WW2 there was a unit of jet fighters in the Air Force called “Hells Angels”
·       Apr 25 12:14 AM Kris: you can probably make the connection between that and the modern gang.
·       Apr 25 12:14 AM Sassy: Yes. Good guys, mostly
·       Apr 25 12:14 AM Kris: but originally they weren’t “bad boy criminal gangsters”
·       Apr 25 12:15 AM Kris: like they’ve become…but “bad boys” …and wild men who were “real” men… and patriotic Americans who would only ride Harleys “back in the day”
·       Apr 25 12:16 AM Kris: today they’re more like “high priced status symbols” I paid $33,000 for my fuckin’ bike. that’s a little ridiculous for a motorcycle.
·       Apr 25 12:16 AM Kris: even my son said,”Dad,, you could get the same machine for half the money if you bought a Japanese bike.”
·       Apr 25 12:17 AM Kris: but when he rode it home the other day…he had to admit the sound of it and the way it looks and just everything about it is cool….but he still said, “You’re going to kill yourself on it!”
·       Apr 25 12:18 AM Kris: He started lecturing me about telling my wife….before she gets a phone call that I died on a bike she didn’t even know about
·       Apr 25 12:18 AM Sassy: Yeah… the whole “800 pounds, can’t right it yourself” thing is wacky
·       Apr 25 12:18 AM Sassy: That would be bad.  Please do not die!
·       Apr 25 12:19 AM Kris: I’m going to do everything in my power to have it NOT happen…. and have you just “sit on the back seat and listen to music” (at first).
·       Apr 25 12:19 AM Kris: back to Sunday…then i should let you go
·       Apr 25 12:20 AM Kris: besides condoms (and needing you to help me put them on right)….lol
·       Apr 25 12:21 AM Sassy: thank you for not whining about them.
·       Apr 25 12:21 AM Kris: whining about what?
·       Apr 25 12:21 AM Sassy: condoms
·       Apr 25 12:22 AM Kris: why would I? It’s for my protection too….plus if you didn’t ask me to wear them….I’d be thinking….if/when she hooks up with other guys….if she’s still with me, I’m at greater risk…..so why wouldn’t I want to use them….for both of us?
·       Apr 25 12:22 AM Sassy: Most men whine. It’s idiotic
·       Apr 25 12:23 AM Kris: no….I’ll trade the loss of a little sensation when I’m inside you for safety in a heartbeat!
·       Apr 25 12:23 AM Sassy: So what about Sunday?
·       Apr 25 12:23 AM Kris: as it is…..you giving me BJs without one is risky for you, but feels SO good to me.
·       Apr 25 12:24 AM Kris: about Sunday….think of food you’d like me to buy and i will.
·       Apr 25 12:24 AM Sassy: I’ve been thinking…Hard to say.  Thank you for bringing
·       Apr 25 12:25 AM Kris: what?
·       Apr 25 12:25 AM Sassy: Will try to keep it simple
·       Apr 25 12:25 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:25 AM Sassy: So far I have… water.  : )
·       Apr 25 12:26 AM Kris: omg….you must be tired…..let me know later…
·       Apr 25 12:26 AM Sassy: I usually try to think of some fun protein, like shrimp cocktail, if you like that
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Sassy: and some chocolate
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Kris: sure!….love it….with cocktail sauce?
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Kris: ok…..what kind of chocolate?
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Sassy: easy to eat without utensils
·       Apr 25 12:27 AM Sassy: the shrimp, not the chocolate.  : ) 
·       Apr 25 12:28 AM Kris: like those rings of shrimp with the sauce in a container in the middle?
·       Apr 25 12:28 AM Sassy: that can work, if they aren’t too hard frozen
·       Apr 25 12:29 AM Sassy: Try not too eat much, don’t want to get all sleepy
·       Apr 25 12:29 AM Kris: ok. what’s the best kind of shrimp?
·       Apr 25 12:30 AM Sassy: there are three sizes. I usually get the middle one
·       Apr 25 12:30 AM Sassy: Little ones are silly, big ones get tough
·       Apr 25 12:30 AM Sassy: I feel like Goldilocks
·       Apr 25 12:30 AM Sassy: and the middle ones are just right!
·       Apr 25 12:30 AM Kris: Ok. I’ll get the middle ones. LOL
·       Apr 25 12:31 AM Kris: i was thinking if we wanted to meet a little before the room was available… there’s a 99 in Salem
·       Apr 25 12:31 AM Sassy: So… water… shrimp…
·       Apr 25 12:31 AM Sassy: Ha! That would be fun.
·       Apr 25 12:31 AM Kris: and chocolate…..what kind of chocolate….
·       Apr 25 12:31 AM Sassy: thinking…what do you like?
·       Apr 25 12:33 AM Kris: chocolates with caramel in the centers…..but different kinds….milk choc not dark….but can get a variety…..do you like chocolates like assorted in a box….or one specific kind?
·       Apr 25 12:34 AM Sassy: I was thinking something easy like Score or Heath bars
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Kris: ok. sounds good
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Sassy: or those little bags of individually wrapped ones… lindt or whatever
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Kris: lindts are good
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Sassy: truffles or the little squares
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Kris: little squares?
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Sassy: where you just get a bite…
·       Apr 25 12:35 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:36 AM Kris: listen….I LOVE chatting with you….and don’t have to get up early….but I think I should “send you to bed”….what do you think (wish I could curl up in there with you).
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Sassy: milk choc. not dark
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Sassy: caramel good. Nuts that aren’t peanuts are good
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Sassy: almonds, hazelnuts. toffee
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:38 AM Kris: you’re on a roll!
·       Apr 25 12:39 AM Sassy: heh
·       Apr 25 12:39 AM Sassy: I was looking at the walgreens site
·       Apr 25 12:39 AM Kris: oh….good idea
·       Apr 25 12:39 AM Sassy: I have to go there to get Mom’s medicines and they have a HUGE assortment for cheap
·       Apr 25 12:41 AM Kris:  I want to pay for them…..if you want to pick them up I could just reimburse you. I know you think that feels a little “weird” but, Hey! every little bit helps…right? So wanna pick them up and I’ll reimburse you?
·       Apr 25 12:42 AM Kris: or I’ll find a Walgreens near me…and just get them….either way….
·       Apr 25 12:43 AM Sassy: thinking of my weekend…
·       Apr 25 12:43 AM Kris: did you miss my effort to “send you to bed”?…..don’t want to wear you out…..it’s now coming up to 1
·       Apr 25 12:43 AM Sassy: If you can pick them up, that would be great.
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Kris: ok…I’ll pick them up…..
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Sassy: Not much, just one or two you like.
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Sassy: Don’t want to throw off your diet!
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Kris: don’t worry about that. I know how to work it off at the gym if i have to. I want us to just enjoy our time together…including eating.
·       Apr 25 12:44 AM Sassy: But have a little excuse to indulge.  : )
·       Apr 25 12:45 AM Kris: Exactly! indulging is what it’s all about….isn’t it?
·       Apr 25 12:45 AM Kris: in more ways than one…
·       Apr 25 12:45 AM Sassy: Oh yes
·       Apr 25 12:46 AM Sassy: I was looking at a tumblr dedicated to doggy style
·       Apr 25 12:46 AM Sassy: so hot
·       Apr 25 12:46 AM Sassy: thinking of your hands on my hips
·       Apr 25 12:46 AM Kris: you like doggy style?
·       Apr 25 12:46 AM Sassy: it has its advantages
·       Apr 25 12:47 AM Sassy: I hate not being able to see… may have to position into a mirror
·       Apr 25 12:47 AM Kris: my limited experience is that I wonder how it really feels to the woman, but as you said….everyone is different….
·       Apr 25 12:47 AM Sassy: but can focus on the deep penetration
·       Apr 25 12:47 AM Sassy: It feels awesome. deep thrusts… ass slapping on your hips
·       Apr 25 12:48 AM Sassy: being pulled on and pushed off
·       Apr 25 12:48 AM Sassy: bucking back against you
·       Apr 25 12:48 AM Kris: we can use a mirror. in fact. I’ll bring one that’s tall and narrow and can stand on floor so you can see better.
·       Apr 25 12:48 AM Kris: like it fast and hard?
·       Apr 25 12:48 AM Sassy: quick in… slow out
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Kris: quick in….slow out?
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Sassy: hotel usually has one that might work
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Sassy: shove in… slide out
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Kris: shove in hard….slide out slow?
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Sassy: yes.  Oh yes.
·       Apr 25 12:49 AM Sassy: mmmf.  Twinging over here!
·       Apr 25 12:50 AM Sassy: and you can see yourself
·       Apr 25 12:50 AM Kris: I’ve never used that technique….so you telling me that…..that specifically helps.
·       Apr 25 12:50 AM Kris: see my cock?
·       Apr 25 12:50 AM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 25 12:51 AM Sassy: can be a big turn on?
·       Apr 25 12:51 AM Kris: i have experience that and it is exciting….but it was a long time ago. earlier on in my marriage – I’d do my wife that way….at the bathroom sink in front of mirrors…blah, blah, blah….look at my cock going in and out…adds to “hotness”……..(hope you don’t mind a few references to sex with wife….been most of my experience)….
·       Apr 25 12:52 AM Sassy: no problem at all.  good to know how to be different.
·       Apr 25 12:52 AM Sassy: Do you know who Stoya is?
·       Apr 25 12:52 AM Kris: no
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Sassy: She is a famous porn star
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Sassy: a tiny brunette sprite
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Kris: sprite?
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Sassy: waif
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Kris: ok
·       Apr 25 12:53 AM Sassy: there’s a famous clip of her being pounded into a bathroom sink
·       Apr 25 12:54 AM Sassy: she has a very expressive face
·       Apr 25 12:55 AM Kris: I guess I’ll give up trying to help you go to bed…..if you have a minute curious about something else…..
·       Apr 25 12:55 AM Sassy: thanks but on a roll.  : )
·       Apr 25 12:56 AM Kris: ok…what about anal?
·       Apr 25 12:56 AM Sassy: what about it?
·       Apr 25 12:56 AM Kris: do you like it?
·       Apr 25 12:56 AM Sassy: I don’t know. I did it once a long time ago with a guy who didn’t know what he was doing and tore me up
·       Apr 25 12:57 AM Sassy: I hope to try again sometime with someone gentle
·       Apr 25 12:58 AM Kris: that would be one thing I would have a really hard time understanding how a woman would get pleasure out of….but again, I’m more than happy to learn with a kind and sexy woman who i can experiment with.
·       Apr 25 12:58 AM Sassy: It falls into “if it would make him happy” category for me right now
·       Apr 25 12:59 AM Sassy: but who knows? MIght adore it
·       Apr 25 12:59 AM Sassy: I have had a man put a finger in both slots… felt good
·       Apr 25 1:00 AM Kris: : )  You’re so nice. I hate to keep using that word…..it seems a little lame to me but you just are accommodating…..wanting to please…..besides being pleased……
·       Apr 25 1:00 AM Kris: Can i tell you a short story about anal and my wife?
·       Apr 25 1:00 AM Sassy: sure.  does this involve the word shit?
·       Apr 25 1:01 AM Kris: no…does that word bother you?
·       Apr 25 1:03 AM Kris: still there?
·       Apr 25 1:03 AM Sassy: Nope. Just wondered
·       Apr 25 1:03 AM Kris: no…it doesn’t….but why did you ask?
·       Apr 25 1:04 AM Sassy: Something someone else told me once.  Never mind… go on?
·       Apr 25 1:04 AM Kris: ok…LOL.  so anyhow…
·       Apr 25 1:05 AM Kris: it was the last time I was separated from my wife….she did what she usually did…..called the cops to make sure there would be “no mistake” that I was going…right then!
·       Apr 25 1:06 AM Kris: They don’t fuck around….it’s: “grab a couple of things and you’re leaving now”…..she can arrange to have your stuff delivered later…
·       Apr 25 1:06 AM Kris: so we were separated for about 6 months…
·       Apr 25 1:06 AM Kris: I stopped drinking…I went to AA meetings every day…
·       Apr 25 1:06 AM Kris: I went to individual counseling….
·       Apr 25 1:07 AM Kris: she refused to talk to me for about one month
·       Apr 25 1:07 AM Kris: she found out what I was doing…but didn’t trust it was real
·       Apr 25 1:07 AM Kris: then she started to let me call her on the phone…just for brief periods of time…
·       Apr 25 1:07 AM Kris: after 6 months she believed i was serious about staying sober.
·       Apr 25 1:08 AM Kris: she started hinting that maybe she’d let me back in her life…but that I was out of chances.
·       Apr 25 1:08 AM Kris: a friend of mine had a house he wasn’t using, in the same town she was living in….
·       Apr 25 1:08 AM Kris: so i had this whole house to myself.
·       Apr 25 1:09 AM Kris: one day out of nowhere she called me up and said, “I’m not ready to have you come home yet…but I’ve been feeling really horny lately so how about I come over there and we have sex?”
·       Apr 25 1:09 AM Kris: guess what I said (remember i’m a male)….
·       Apr 25 1:10 AM Kris: i was shocked….but said Sure….
·       Apr 25 1:10 AM Kris: then she blew my mind and said….
·       Apr 25 1:10 AM Kris: I’ve been reading some stuff and was wondering if you ever thought of having anal sex with me?
·       Apr 25 1:10 AM Kris: stupidly…i said, “not really. I don’t think I’d be interested in that.”
·       Apr 25 1:10 AM Kris: so we didn’t….
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Kris: you’d be the first…if I did it.
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Kris: your turn
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Sassy: wait… first… ever?
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Kris: yes
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Kris: see….this story has a “happy ending” for you…LOL
·       Apr 25 1:11 AM Sassy: wow
·       Apr 25 1:12 AM Kris: at least i hope you’d take it that way
·       Apr 25 1:12 AM Sassy: yes
·       Apr 25 1:12 AM Sassy: I need a lot of trust
·       Apr 25 1:12 AM Kris: because?
·       Apr 25 1:12 AM Sassy: because I was hurt so badly the last time
·       Apr 25 1:13 AM Kris: oh no….i would be as gentle as a lamb. lots of lubrication…very slowly….stop if it hurts at all…..no pain at all.
·       Apr 25 1:13 AM Sassy: I get that… just need some time to trust that
·       Apr 25 1:14 AM Kris: no problem…it’s not on the top of my list…just one more little thing about what interests me about it…and something I might like to try it in combination with…when I’ve done 69… especially when on the bottom….i have a great view of the anus. and when a woman comes….it turns me on to see her anus contracting… so I was thinking…..
·       Apr 25 1:15 AM Sassy: never heard that before
·       Apr 25 1:16 AM Kris: never heard what?
·       Apr 25 1:16 AM Sassy: anal contractions or them being a turn on
·       Apr 25 1:16 AM Kris: it’s in the DSM-IV….the anal sphincter contracts during orgasms….in both men and women…..
·       Apr 25 1:17 AM Sassy: I remember you saying that
·       Apr 25 1:19 AM Kris: the fact of the orgasm itself was the real turn on….but seeing the anus contracting was fun….so i was thinking….
·       Apr 25 1:21 AM Kris: if my cock were in there, it might feel good to feel a woman having an orgasm while my cock was in there. and if she got herself off at the same time – played with herself to orgasm…I could picture just being in there – not even thrusting…let her work on herself…..cum…and I could feel it. That’s my little “anal fantasy”….anal and you masturbating at the same time. but it’s not “on the top of my list”….what REALLY turns you on now…”basics” is what I want us to focus on Sunday…..edge of the bed….doggy styles….some other things we “put on the menu” LOL
·       Apr 25 1:23 AM Sassy: I wonder if that would be a good time for a toy… use it on me… you’d probably feel the vibrations as well. It could produce the orgasm
·       Apr 25 1:24 AM Kris: i was thinking that too! just haven’t thought through positions to be “doable”……have any suggestions/ideas?
·       Apr 25 1:24 AM Sassy: might work with us on our sides, you behind me
·       Apr 25 1:25 AM Sassy: or reverse cowgirl
·       Apr 25 1:25 AM Kris: explain
·       Apr 25 1:25 AM Sassy: me riding you, facing away or doggy
·       Apr 25 1:26 AM Kris: but if I’m going to use the toy….I’d have to be able to reach around somehow…..
·       Apr 25 1:26 AM Sassy: that’s where side by side could work
·       Apr 25 1:27 AM Sassy: browse the positions web site.  : )
·       Apr 25 1:27 AM Kris: this is making me laugh a little….but it’s fun…..to think about. think I’ll find something on it there?
·       Apr 25 1:27 AM Sassy: Yeah… I was starting to giggle too
·       Apr 25 1:27 AM Sassy: I think there was a whole section
·       Apr 25 1:27 AM Sassy: but I could be making that up
·       Apr 25 1:28 AM Kris: LOL. omg… i’m going to start getting silly……do you know what time it is?
·       Apr 25 1:29 AM Sassy: Oops…
·       Apr 25 1:29 AM Kris: don’t mean to be your “father” (and NO…I’m not old enough to be!). even though i look like Santa
·       Apr 25 1:29 AM Sassy: I’ll go. I think I’ve done enough damage for one night.  : )
·       Apr 25 1:30 AM Kris: damage?……….not at all!
·       Apr 25 1:31 AM Kris: you know it’s time to go when the “get rich by selling real estate” info-mercials are on tv….lol
·       Apr 25 1:31 AM Sassy: Ha. I wouldn’t know.
·       Apr 25 1:32 AM Kris: that’s right….you’re too busy being “chatty Sassy” with your online chat buddies….you ready to say goodnight…..Sassy?
·       Apr 25 1:32 AM Sassy: Good night Sassy.  : )
·       Apr 25 1:32 AM Sassy: And good night Kris…
·       Apr 25 1:32 AM Kris: LOL………..SWEET DREAM S!
·       Apr 25 1:32 AM Kris: Nite!
·       Apr 25 1:33 AM Sassy: Mwah!
·       Apr 25 1:33 AM Kris: Mwah!………….THE END!

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