Over the side of the bed

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Me: Good morning! I have one thing to say. Over the side of the bed. 😉 10:46 AM
Kris: as in reminder of picture…u giving oral? or u positioned to receive? nice way to say good morning….wish i’d read it earlier! You naughty TEASE! 2:19 PM
Me: It’s not a tease. It’s a promise. 🙂 2:21 PM
Kris: 🙂 it’s probably both….but which were u thinking of….giving or receiving…..over side of bed… :)2:25 PM
Me: was thinking of my favorite gif that I showed you last night with the woman receiving and the man fucking her mouth and flicking her nipple with his tongue and her hips popping off the bed. 2:27 PM
Kris: thought so…..mmmmm….or my “variation”…..start 69 then i shift down/stand up….still feeling that soft, wet, skillful tongue and mouth of yours….not to mention what your hands r grabbing. just arrived at meeting so “down boy” (omg…shift/adjust u know what)…..focus Kris…later! 2:42 PM
Kris: just so u know….you regularly “cause a little wetness” to flow out when we talk about sex. doesn’t happen with “just anyone” not purely visual….only when someone is attractive to me on “multiple levels”….which u are….smile 4:00 PM
Me: Good to know. The same happens to me. Along with some pulsing. 🙂 4:04 PM
Kris: big smile 4:06 PM
Kris: at my next meeting….waiting for colleague.  how’s your day going? 4:09 PM
Kris: falling asleep at work. some hot woman kept me up too late….last meeting canceled…can I put my head on your lap in the back seat of your car and take a nap….or use your breasts for pillows? 5:54 PM
Kris: ok…so i guess i’ll just sit here alone in my car in the public parking garage… fantasizing that some hot woman joins me and says, “Hey…hot stuff! Wanna hop in my car and watch some porn together?!” 7:38 PM
Me: Oh no! I’m worn out. Crawling into bed. May wake up, may not. Sooo sorry. 7:40 PM
Me: Ugh. I really want to see you…but I can’t keep my eyes open 7:42 PM
Kris: no problem. I’m just a crazy man…..last meeting wasn’t too far away so i thought i’d give it a shot…will head home and work out….if u wake up later text me if u wanna chat. otherwise sleep well….and sweet dreams… mwah! 7:45 PM

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