Bite that shoulder

Monday, April 21, 2014

8:01am Sassy

Happy Patriots Day! Pray for an uneventful Marathon!

8:23am Phil

I love lamb and lobster bisque. I broke down and had an amazing bowl of she crab soup here. I think I did well watching my diet, ate everything in moderation. Feel refreshed and ready for the week. I still miss my girl so bad but I am at least dealing with it. I don’t think I ever want to stop missing her. Keeps her close to my heart.

My new position will keep my mind occupied. I just got promoted which means a lot of study and travel. No more just sitting in front of a computer. My head had way too much time to think. Now more action. A lot of hotel nights but I’m ok with that. It’s when I sit at home and realize I’m so unhappy that it really gets me. I hate the house. Was my least favorite but was my wife’s choice.  She has had me out looking at half million dollar homes that I have zero desire for. Better for me to travel some, clear my heart and head. Have a great day kiddo

8:23am Phil

Thank you and I will.

8:29am Sassy

Bigwig?  Cool! Give it time,  kid.  I know great things are in store for you!

10:17am Phil

I’m trying girl, I’m trying. If my personal life matched my professional life, wow. My personal life is living in the shelter. Gotta get out of this funk. I’m no fun for anyone like I am

3:15pm Phil

Just out of the gym

[photo of him just out of the shower… beautiful shoulders!]     

3:56pm Sassy

I swear you get better looking all the time!  I want to bite that shoulder so badly!  Nom nom nom

4:26pm Phil

Not true but thank you . I’m just me, ain’t all that

4:29pm Phil

[photo of him in a t-shirt, looking tired]
4:53pm Sassy
I’m gonna start sending you photos of other men… I am not shitting you!

5:10pm Phil

Oh stop! I wished the girl Happy Easter and she blocked me. I was asking for answers. Guess that’s clear enough. Wow!

8:53pm Phil

bummed, really bummed but now I understand. She wants no part of me. It’s over, and I need to come to terms with it.  Try to remember the good and forget that she will do anything physically possible to keep this guy happy and keep him with her. Hard image but a necessary one. Sucks, just sucks.

8:54pm Phil

nite girl, just want to curl up with my pillow and hold it tight and maybe cry a little.

8:54pm Sassy

Sorry Philip.  Hugs.

9:04pm Phil

I know. Dream over

I’m going to tuck my heart away and leave it buried where nothing can hurt it again. I can’t do this. I’m not good at it and I fucked it all up and now I just have pain. Ok is good enough, no pain there. I’m not reaching for that golden ring again.

I’m done

10:24pm Sassy
There are still amazing people in this world.  Check out these photos from today’s Boston Marathon of four people carrying a guy over the finish line who fell 100 feet from the end.  Boston Strong!

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