Easter treats

Sunday, April 20, 2014  EASTER

6:57am Sassy

Happy Easter!

7:14am Phil

Happy Easter!

[photo of him at the beach]
8:54am Phil
Running on the beach. Now church
[photo of him all sweaty after a run…without his mustache! ARGH!]
1:51pm Phil
What’s missing?
[another photo of his freshly shaven face]
2:02pm Sassy
Your mind.

2:03pm Phil

Huh? Maybe but not what I meant

2:04pm Sassy

I know…trying not to go ARGH!

2:04pm Phil


 Wife and daughter were being bitches. Said I looked like Groucho Marks. Now I look 10

2:07pm Sassy

Yeah.  I figure if I can’t say something nice, better not say anything.

You’re still gorgeous.

2:09pm Phil

Guess you like the stash.
I think I look like an over the hill old guy no matter what I do

2:10pm Sassy

You’re wrong.

You’re so young and handsome and lots of fun!

2:47pm Phil

: )
3:49pm Phil
Yeah yeah

3:50pm Phil

Cheers girlie
[photo of him with beer toasting the camera]
3:50pm Sassy
Did you see my wall?  Put up a dozen pics!  Sis hired a private chef!  They cook, serve and clean up!  So special!

The menu
 Amuse bouche – tuna tartar with avocado
 in soy sesame-fried shallots 
 Local greens with pork belly, chevre, and 
a poached egg with a roasted garlic vinaigrette 
 Crispy duck breast in a orange-fennel reduction with 
summer vegetables, ricotta gnocchi and English pea puree
Ricotta mousse with poached rhubarb and candied lemon peel, 
pomegranate reduction and graham cracker crust

3:55pm Phil

Love it. House is gorgeous! We are just having baked ham, Mac and cheese and green bean casserole

7:53pm Phil

Had a wonderful day! The run on the beach was the highlight. Good meal, great worship service, saw some old friends. Missing the girl but nothing I can do. She latches onto anyone who pays attention and for now this guy is paying attention and he has no place to go. Been pretty happy all weekend though and actually got to relax which was so nice. Hope your day was fabulous

8:01pm Sassy

So glad to hear it!  I had an easy day, just showed up, ate, listened to family yammer.  Took Sis, BIL and niece to Logan headed to Disneyworld

Out for supper with friends now – more lobster bisque and lamb!  The Ninety-nine knows how to do it up for a holiday.  I should get a permanent table here.  Ha ha.

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