Friday, April 18, 2014
8:23am Sassy
Good morning kid!   Happy Good Friday!

8:54am Phil

Morning Sass

[photo of him all sweaty at the gym]

9:07am Sassy

Hiya Handsome!

9:09am Phil

Hey cutie.  An old friend commented on my profile and said she was headed to DC. She said drinks on me. My response, ooh that sounds naughty but fun!

Not sure that’s what she meant

9:29am Sassy

But you will get to find out!

9:31am Phil

Nah, just be naughty. We’ve been friends a long time

10:02am Phil

[photo of him with his hair all wild just out of the shower, showing his hunky shoulders that he knows make me melt!]
10:02am Sassy
You are so fun!  Mmm… shoulders…

10:03am Phil

Ha ha

5:01pm Phil

Just stepping out of the shower
[another one of him fresh out of the shower, showing a bit more… nice nipple!]
5:01pm Sassy
Step over here and give me a kiss!

5:05pm Phil

And dressed, be my pleasure

[photo of him dressed, hair combed]
5:06pm Sassy
Nice plaid!  SMOOTCH!

9:37pm Phil

Off to bed, pooped, night Sass

[photo of him just before bed… beautiful naked chest and big smile]
9:38pm Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams dear man.

9:40pm Phil

Thank you. You too

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