Fat-bottomed girls

Thursday April 17, 2014
Kris: one line goes literally like this: “Fat-bottom girls they make the rockin’ world go round”…followed by loudly yelling/singing: “…Get on your bikes and ride!!!!” Not talkin’ bikes here…”Meet?”..any or ALL (i’m up for “binge ravaging” u if u let me) on the following: Fri (tomorrow), Sat (marathon if possible), Tues-4/22, Thur-4/23, Fri-4/24   7:05 AM
Kris: wrong dates on some….meant: Thurs-4/24, Fri-4/25…..More….(HUNGRY)…Sat-4/26, Sun-4/27……email if easier….prefer Sat or Sun….but will take it all….whatever u want….are up for…..horny all dude really wants YOU! 7:17 AM
Kris: meant horny old dudu…..thanks for saying i’m not old (liar–but so sweet and nice)…smile 7:19 AM
Kris: dude…NOT dudu….lol (though some may call me that) 7:21 AM
Me: Good morning! My, my…what a way to wake up. It’s lovely to be wanted. Will check my calendar! 8:10 AM
Kris: wanted BADLY….. 8:14 AM
“I’ve been singing with my band Across the water, across the land 
I’ve seen every blue eyed floozy on the way (hey) 
But their beauty and their style Went kind of smooth after a while 
Take me to them naughty ladies every time C’mon! 
Hey, listen here 
Now I got mortgages and homes 
And I got stiffness in the bones 
Ain’t no beauty queens in this locality (I tell you) 
Oh, but I still get my pleasure Still get my greatest treasure 
Heap big woman you done made a big man of me (now get this) 
Oh (I know), you gonna take me home tonight (please) 
Oh, down beside that red fire light 
Oh, you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round 
Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round 
Get on your bikes and ride!” 
Queen: “Fat Bottomed Girls” 10:54 AM
Me: Having Italian wedding soup for lunch. Remembering last night… 2:20 PM
Kris: hmmmmm….leave a little on your lips so i can taste 2:22 PM
Me: I like the balls. Meatballs… 2:22 PM
Kris: naughty girl….r u humming in pleasure? makes me laugh and mesmerizes me at same time. in car, was going to take power nap….wish my head was on your bare breasts…..u gently stroking head/hair……mmmm….2:29 PM
Kris: home at 10:30…..off Fri-Sun. could pretend to get in day of Spring skiing….while exploring “other slopes” (wink) on Sat (devilish grin). 4:12 PM
Kris: bike’s fixed!!! Yeah, baby! “Get on your bikes and ride!” (Queen)…… (Although I feel like an idiot cuz I did burn out the clutch by dragging it in high gears. They said it might not b covered by mfg warranty cuz H-D considers burned clutch a “maintenance issue”—but if mfg wouldn’t cover it they (Manchester H-D dealer) wouldn’t charge me. They didn’t make me feel like the idiot I am. Were very nice about it. I can share this with u…and believe u actually give a flying f 6:26 PM
Me: Yay for fixed bike! And no cost. 6:28 PM
Kris: …and believe u actually give a flying f#@%…..makes u special…. 6:29 PM
Kris: Thanks! 6:29 PM
Kris: where r u? 6:30 PM
Me: home 6:30 PM
Kris: shit just hit the fan…wife may have lost job….can we chat at 10:30? 6:45 PM
Me: Oh no! That’s awful! Sure thing. 6:45 PM
Kris: k….later then…..SHIT!!!!! (sorry) 6:47 PM
Me: Don’t be sorry. I got laid off once. It is a huge thing. 6:55 PM
Kris: thanks. expect you’ll b as great as you’ve been. besides general burden….puts big dent in fun money….hopefully we (u & me) can figure something out. will talk about it later. 6:59 PM
·       Apr 17 10:43 PM Kris: Hi–sorry it’s late…
·       Apr 17 10:43 PM Sassy: No worries.
·       Apr 17 10:45 PM Kris: so a thousand thoughts….now stuck….
·       Apr 17 10:45 PM Sassy:  :  (
·       Apr 17 10:46 PM Sassy: she needs you?
·       Apr 17 10:46 PM Kris: no….stuck for words with you
·       Apr 17 10:46 PM Sassy: why?
·       Apr 17 10:47 PM Sassy: You can say whatever.
·       Apr 17 10:47 PM Kris: want to be with you…wondering when next… worried about money
·       Apr 17 10:47 PM Sassy: Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.
·       Apr 17 10:47 PM Kris: ok
·       Apr 17 10:49 PM Kris: i’m not usually at a loss for words (case you haven’t noticed)….i’ll get there in a couple of minutes…start with something on your mind….
·       Apr 17 10:50 PM Sassy: Still basking in your attention from last night
·       Apr 17 10:50 PM Kris: you liked it?
·       Apr 17 10:50 PM Sassy: So so much
·       Apr 17 10:50 PM Kris: you know what I was thinking about that?
·       Apr 17 10:51 PM Sassy: What?
·       Apr 17 10:51 PM Kris: I was thinking that it did for me what I was hoping it would…which was…
·       Apr 17 10:52 PM Kris: I wanted to “take you in” more—-what you look like—-your mannerisms—-I wanted to kind of “stamp you in my head” better…..
·       Apr 17 10:52 PM Kris: and it worked…because…
·       Apr 17 10:52 PM Kris: today I could recall your face and certain little mannerisms you have very clearly….
·       Apr 17 10:53 PM Sassy: Why did last night make that happen, as opposed to the two other times?
·       Apr 17 10:54 PM Kris: i don’t know. i was very relaxed and paying attention without worrying about anything…and you seemed a little more relaxed to me too….so i could pay attention to “little things” better.
·       Apr 17 10:54 PM Kris: i thought it was so great that you didn’t freak out and liked what i did…
·       Apr 17 10:55 PM Sassy: It was very different, special… fun!
·       Apr 17 10:55 PM Kris: so i was also thinking how it’s very different than the “casual sex” you’re used to…and i’m trying to figure that piece out too…..
·       Apr 17 10:55 PM Kris: cuz i want the sex to be good and fun…and find that “balance” we talked about a little
·       Apr 17 10:57 PM Kris: when i was pissed off right up to coming home I was fantasizing having “angry sex”…hard and fast and a little rough but not hurting…..a weird kind of “comfort sex” when you’re pissed….ever have that?
·       Apr 17 10:58 PM Sassy: Don’t get pissed much… can’t recall ever
·       Apr 17 10:59 PM Kris: but it passes and isn’t what i prefer…..but was thinking about spending a long time playing….versus “a quick encounter”…….
·       Apr 17 11:00 PM Kris: anyhow….i’m probably not making any sense…..i know what i’d like to do next with you…..do you have thoughts about that…..been able to think about when?
·       Apr 17 11:00 PM Sassy: Hard to say.
·       Apr 17 11:00 PM Kris: oh?
·       Apr 17 11:01 PM Sassy: Have to work tomorrow
·       Apr 17 11:01 PM Sassy: Saturday I have to be with my mom
·       Apr 17 11:01 PM Sassy: Sunday is Easter stuff
·       Apr 17 11:02 PM Kris: well…that’s a start… what can’t work….
·       Apr 17 11:03 PM Sassy: next week looks calmer
·       Apr 17 11:03 PM Sassy: only thing so far is Tuesday night with mom
·       Apr 17 11:04 PM Kris: I would prefer a weekend day when we can spend more time together…the next time we meet…for sex. but i don’’t know if i could resist not “dropping by” in some way just to see you again somehow…but haven’t thought it through at all……
·       Apr 17 11:04 PM Kris: were you serious about “giving me a tour” of your area sometime?
·       Apr 17 11:04 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 17 11:05 PM Kris: what are your thoughts about a weekend day—as opposed to a weeknight—–do you have a preference—for having sex?
·       Apr 17 11:06 PM Sassy: Either seems fine.
·       Apr 17 11:06 PM Kris: not too tired on a weeknight?
·       Apr 17 11:06 PM Sassy: depends
·       Apr 17 11:07 PM Kris: just on what happens on any given day?
·       Apr 17 11:07 PM Sassy: Yes. Weekends seem slightly better
·       Apr 17 11:08 PM Kris: i’m thinking weekends to start until we figure out how we do together…what we do….what works….what doesn’t…getting over nervousness…having a little more time and “room” to get used to each other and learn how to please each other. does that make sense?
·       Apr 17 11:09 PM Sassy: Sure. Sounds fantastic!
·       Apr 17 11:11 PM Kris: i was thinking on the money end of things that one of the best websites i’ve found is hotwire.com—–they often have 40-50% discounts on decent hotels—the only thing is you don’t know the specific hotel until after you’ve booked it—but they tell you the general categories of types of hotels. like i found a 3-star in Tewksbury/Lowell area for $60 ($74 including taxes)…..if we split the cost it would be $37 each….is that something you could do?
·       Apr 17 11:12 PM Sassy: I was thinking about you coming here.
·       Apr 17 11:12 PM Sassy: If that wouldn’t be too strange
·       Apr 17 11:14 PM Kris: I was thinking about that too. i don’t know. I guess i would be willing to try it. In my head it seems “weird”—-but in fact it might not be. I guess i’m open to trying…but I think I would prefer to at least have one more time in a hotel room with you.  even if I had to pay for it myself….then after that I could try it at your place……would that be ok?
·       Apr 17 11:14 PM Sassy: That makes sense.
·       Apr 17 11:15 PM Kris: i mean…we did “some things” the last time. but now I’m “all in” (literally)…and just don’t want it to be “weird” and reduce the likelihood of being nervous
·       Apr 17 11:15 PM Sassy: Money is a tricky topic for me.
·       Apr 17 11:16 PM Kris: ok…talk to me about it
·       Apr 17 11:16 PM Sassy: I can do a lot to reduce expenses
·       Apr 17 11:17 PM Kris: what do you mean?
·       Apr 17 11:18 PM Sassy: Ugh… I don’t usually admit all this to anyone
·       Apr 17 11:19 PM Kris: that’s ok…i have some “confessions” i’ll tell you too
·       Apr 17 11:19 PM Sassy: I don’t make good money.
·       Apr 17 11:19 PM Sassy: I can get by most of the time.
·       Apr 17 11:20 PM Sassy: But if something comes up I have to take money from my family.  I HATE being that person.
·       Apr 17 11:20 PM Sassy: So I don’t shop – no shoes, no clothes, no jewelry, no perfume, no make-up
·       Apr 17 11:21 PM Sassy: I don’t collect anything
·       Apr 17 11:21 PM Sassy: I clip coupons
·       Apr 17 11:21 PM Sassy: I had my first hair cut in 3.5 years last week
·       Apr 17 11:21 PM Sassy: I don’t travel
·       Apr 17 11:21 PM Kris: wait…you can tell me everything…but question
·       Apr 17 11:22 PM Kris: you didn’t get hour haircut because you couldn’t afford it?
·       Apr 17 11:22 PM Sassy: It’s a mixture of things… but I try not to spend any money on myself.
·       Apr 17 11:23 PM Sassy: If I am very careful I can make things balance out, go to a nice restaurant now and then
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Sassy: I don’t want you to spend a lot of money on me. I’m into presence, not presents.
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Kris: i don’t make much money either….but don’t know what you consider “not much money”….i only make about $[dedacted]k/year….and wife makes only about $[redacted]k/year part-time. Don’t know if you consider that “a lot” or “not much”—–it’s all
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Sassy: And I certainly will never ask you for any money
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Kris: it’s all “relative”….
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Sassy: Sure
·       Apr 17 11:25 PM Kris: LOL. I’m not worried about you asking me for money!!!!!!!!!!
·       Apr 17 11:26 PM Sassy: Phew
·       Apr 17 11:27 PM Kris: I’ve had to borrow money from my mother at times—I also hate to do it…but my mother knows how it feels- 3she had to do it and hated it many years ago—when she was younger
·       Apr 17 11:27 PM Kris: we all want to be independent…and not a “burden” to others, but things don’t always work the way we hoped
·       Apr 17 11:28 PM Kris: so we do what we can
·       Apr 17 11:28 PM Sassy: I had the fancy job, with lots of money, bought my own condo, but had no life
·       Apr 17 11:29 PM Kris: go on
·       Apr 17 11:30 PM Sassy: So when I got laid off, I had to re-jigger everything, take a big cut.  So I’m used to figuring ways to have fun for very little money
·       Apr 17 11:34 PM Kris: i’m fine with that….except i’m trying to figure out how we’re going to define “fun sex”……because this is more new to me than to you….
·       Apr 17 11:34 PM Kris: so you understand what i’m saying…i’m not sure i’m making sense.
·       Apr 17 11:35 PM Sassy: You do!
·       Apr 17 11:35 PM Kris: I do what?
·       Apr 17 11:35 PM Sassy: Make sense.
·       Apr 17 11:36 PM Kris: ok…phew….
·       Apr 17 11:37 PM Sassy: I’m fading… can we talk more tomorrow?
·       Apr 17 11:38 PM Kris: yes….thank you….nite Sassy!
·       Apr 17 11:38 PM Sassy: Mwah!
·       Apr 17 11:38 PM Kris: Mwah back!
·       Apr 17 11:39 PM Sassy: Sweet dreams Kris
·       Apr 17 11:39 PM Kris: Sweet sexy dreams Sassy

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