Meet #3 Surprise!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I drove over to Harvard Square. The streets were empty so it took no time at all! I found a parking space on Mass Ave about 2 blocks away – unheard of! I walked over to Finale on Dunster Street, a restaurant famous for its desserts. It was wicked cold out!

I look around, didn’t see anyone I knew. I told the hostess I was looking for a friend and she said, “Oh yes… there is someone waiting.” I walked into the dining room and saw him sitting along the far wall, drinking coffee at a 2-top, with a dozen roses lying on the seat next to him! He got up to hug and kiss me briefly. There were people on either side of him, so he suggested we move to a table further away with no one close by. The hostess came over and helped move his coffee etc. and we settled in to another 2-top. He beamed and handed me the flowers. I smelled them and had him smell them, then thanked him profusely. He looked so pleased. I have never gotten a present from any of AM men. Meals, yes. But never flowers or anything else. It felt very very special.

He suggested we order the dessert sampler – a tray of 9 desserts! I asked if the waitress had told him the soups du jour, he said no but that sounded good. She came over and he ordered the Italian wedding soup and the sampler. She suggested he add on their best dessert – the molten chocolate lava cake and he did! I ordered a hazelnut hot chocolate. The soup came out quickly – a huge bowl. We each tried it. Yum.

Then the sampler… beautiful little bits of Crème Brûlée, Manjari Mousse, Pineapple Cheesecake, Boston Cream, Whoopie Pies, Apple Cranberry Tart, Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry and Grapefruit Sorbet in an almond brittle basket, Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie with the added Molten Chocolate! It was beautiful and delicious! My hot chocolate was a revelation, with a smooth full-bodied chocolate milky start and a nutty finish!

We munched and talked. I talked about my siblings and he told me stories about his family. He told me about messing up his motorcycle on the first try around the parking lot. I told him about my driving mishaps. He told me about the woman from Nigeria who strung him along for three months and then asked for thousands of dollars! He reported her to AM. Good! He told me about the woman he had tried to take out for a fancy dinner early on and she refused to go, said it was too much, too soon. I can understand but I am not turning down most things.

There was no talk about the serious matters we’ve been going on about. Just a fun, pleasant sharing of part of the puzzles of who we are. I wondered what had brought that about. It felt like we had crossed a line into a new and better place.

I played his fingers. I was wishing he could sit beside me but it just wasn’t possible.

I noticed it was after 11 pm and wondered how he would explain his lateness. He said he’d think of something. He got the bill, charged it and I walked him back to his car. He’d found a spot on Mass Ave. too! We had a lovely hug and a long kiss, then I sent him on his way and trotted back to my car. What a memorable night!

I sat in my car and texted my thanks. And he texted me back right away!


Me: Thank you ever so much! So fun! 11:17 PM

Kris: Welcome…me too! so want to jump your bones…your “lustful humming” of enjoyment just turns me on…can’t figure out if you want to lay me or have me for dinner….maybe both!…i’m going to want a serious “meet” soon……11:23 PM

Kris: Gotta drive now….just called wife….went to voicemail….b safe if she fell asleep….i’ll b fine…..11:25 PM

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