Helping him laugh

Monday, April 14, 2014

4:51pm Sassy 

Hiya handsome.  You survive another day?  Hope it wasn’t too bad.  I’ve been gearing up for yet another reception at work tomorrow. Whee!
5:58pm Phil 
I’m here. Another 12 hour day. Been so busy, no time to think of other things. That’s a good time. Heartache is not diminishing. Feel lost, empty, trapped. Other than that, I’m terrific. I need to eat. Have not consumed 1000 calories last two days. Just don’t feel like it. How was your date?
7:29pm Sassy 
Ugh.  Long day for you!  Write that resignation letter and be done!  This heartache thing is going to take time.  Hugs.  Pick up a sub on the way home?

My date was very interesting.  We had a fun lunch… yummy chicken pot pie!  Then he surprised me, said, “Let’s find a hotel!”  So we did.  He didn’t want to do much until I get my STD tests back but we will have a lot of fun!

7:32pm Phil 
Well cool! Smart to be safe

7:32pm Sassy 

Fun silly music 
7:40pm Phil 
Love it!

7:59pm Phil 

Thanks for the laugh!

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