Hall pass

Saturday, April 5, 2014
7:09am Phil 
Sweating my ass off!  Love it, clears my mind, helps me think
7:56am Phil 
Life is good today. Thanks for the talk, helped
8:03am Sassy 
Good morning!  Thanks for the update.

Had a wonderful meet.  Now he wants to see test results, and exclusivity.  

Hunh. Can’t promise him that!
8:11am Phil 


I’m good with that. Would break a land speed record

8:12am Sassy 
I get it, wants to protect wife and himself

What? To get to me?

He won’t swim in the ocean because there might be sharks

8:14am Phil 

Guess I understand that, then he should stay home. Wear a rain coat

Like you aren’t careful

8:15am Sassy 
Tests results are fine, but I’d need a “hall pass” for my old flame

I’ve got balls already in the air, and if they land, I’m sucking them

8:19am Phil 

8:19am Sassy 

Sad, he’d probably treat me well.
8:19am Phil 

Life can be so much fun and then some times just suck. What makes it interesting

8:20am Sassy 
People in chat said I should take it as a compliment,  but it felt old-fashioned and controlling
8:22am Phil 
I take it he really liked you. It is a little old fashioned and controlling but he obviously liked what he saw. Not a bad thing
8:22am Sassy 
He wrote 4 paragraphs about how awesome I am

And not just flowery crap – intuitive comments

Ah well.  I feel like a wild mustang he sees and appreciates, but his instinct is to saddle me and put me in the barn

You think I sound like a slut?

8:47am Phil 
Not at all

Don’t wear a saddle till you want too

Should be a very special cowboy

Spent half my life trying to shake the fucking thing off

8:50am Sassy 
I’m so conflicted.  I want one man, who’ll be nice to me.  Why don’t I grab this one?
8:51am Phil
Bitch just tightens the girth, yanks on the bridle and digs in the spurs

He’s got a wife, gotta deal with that

9:25am Phil 
Follow your heart. The common sense thing doesn’t always come out so great

9:41am Phil 

[photo of him in a t-shirt smiling great big]
9:52am Sassy 
Hiya hot stuff!  Thank you ever so much.  You give great advice! I re-read his email… can maybe see a way to explore further.
10:00am Phil 
I think about everything, wrong way. Be spontaneous, just go for it and listen to your heart.
10:36am Sassy 
This screamed to be sent to you.  It speaks to me, too.
from Jonathan Carroll’s Facebook

10:40am Phil 
So true, so true my dear. Love it!

1:26pm Phil 

Having oysters on the River, doing anything fun?
1:28pm Sassy 
Just had pizza with Mom!  Heading to another project meeting!
1:31pm Phil 
[photo of him by the waterfront with a beer, wearing shorts and a t-shirt]
1:31pm Phil
Cool! Fun day!
1:45pm Sassy 
Great photo!  Handsome man, pretty place!

1:52pm Phil 

Liar, but it is a pretty place
1:54pm Sassy 
I’m going to start sending photos of the trolls I have to choose from if you don’t start believing me!
2:00pm Sassy 
See my wall for Mom’s photo!
2:01pm Sassy 
New shorter hair!
[selife of me in my car with my new haircut]
2:04pm Phil 
I like it!  I’m many things, handsome and good looking are not what I would choose. I’ve never felt like that and have been stunned when any woman showed interest in me
8:06pm Phil 
[photo of him smiling with a cigar and a scotch]
8:07pm Sassy 
Hiya sweet man!

Over 100 people here!

8:08pm Phil 

So would you find me an attractive option?

8:10pm Sassy 
For what? 
8:11pm Phil 

I’m not a troll am I?

My chins are going away, belly is flat

I’m not that bad, I guess

8:13pm Sassy 
Not at all.  You are better looking, can cook, clean, throw a party… plus your gorgeous cock?  You are a catch!
8:14pm Phil 
You are too kind
8:16pm Sassy 
I am but I am still telling the truth.  
8:17pm Phil 
Don’t see it, just glad I’m not a troll
8:35pm Phil 
Cock is ok though
8:37pm Sassy 
Ok is not the word I’d use.  More like FANTASTIC!

8:48pm Phil 

Thank you. Feeling puny tonight
9:29pm Sassy 
Have you noticed this happens when you diet heavily?
9:54pm Phil 
No, happens when Beach Gal goes away. That causes me to lose any desire for food. Just don’t care
Diet never bothers me
9:55pm Sassy 
Last time you had a major meltdown was when you were seriously crash dieting, dear
9:55pm Phil 
Girl makes me lose my mind

Yeah and Beach Gal was seeing another guy

I’m good, feel ok, just a little sad

I’ll get past it

Seeing friends tomorrow nite. Will help

9:58pm Sassy 
Nice!  Good to fill your mind with other things
9:59pm Phil 
Yup!  and beer
Gym in the morning
Also helps
10:02pm Sassy 
Yes.  Very good.

Getting enough sleep?

10:05pm Phil 
Yeah, dream about the girl, sleep fine

Just a little heartache, just miss her

10:07pm Sassy 
I hear you
10:09pm Phil 
Part of the day feel fine, sitting outside, sipping drinks, listening to music, picking out the constellations was our thing. Did that tonight. Good memories but miss my buddy

CMA’s tomorrow, always did that together even when we were apart. Not going to be the same. I understand, I do but I hate it. We were so into the music, I miss that

10:12pm Sassy 
Looks like I am going to get laid tomorrow night

10:12pm Phil 
I have everything and I have nothing

Really? Who?

Do it well sweet thing

10:13pm Sassy 
Someone from the chat room is coming to nearby for business, asked me to meet him for dinner in CT
10:13pm Phil 
If you are going to do it, fuck his brains out
10:13pm Sassy 
He has never cheated… not sure he will
10:13pm Phil 
Well enjoy
10:13pm Sassy 
But he just texted to tell me he has condoms!

10:13pm Phil 

10:14pm Sassy 
We’ve had over a year of foreplay online and the phone
10:14pm Phil 
He has condoms for a reason
Wish I was more like that. Just want one, a girl who knows me inside out, all my secrets, all my fantasies, my dreams, my fears, things my wife has no clue about

Gal knows, well you know a lot too

Hope it works out and it’s fun

10:19pm Sassy 
He’s a jock.
10:19pm Phil 
Ahhh, cool, big strong boy
10:19pm Sassy 
Won’t have any trouble moving me around!

Ha ha

10:20pm Phil 


I had no problem moving you around

10:20pm Sassy 
Nope.  You are strong
10:21pm Phil 
Hope he’s got a big dick
10:21pm Sassy 
Eh… usually the smaller guys have developed other talents
10:22pm Phil 
I’ve always been a big strong boy. I can go all night and I’m very oral. Big long tongue

love eating pussy and I’m happy to slip my tongue in a sweet ass

10:23pm Sassy 
10:24pm Phil 
Girl has to be comfortable with her body,

Did it in the shower, she was stunned at first and then lost her mind

No one had ever done that to her and she loved it

Ah well, good times

10:28pm Sassy
Great memories!
10:28pm Phil 
Oh hell yeah

10:45pm Phil 

Sweet dreams babe, nite
10:45pm Sassy 
Sleep well dear man.

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