Folsom Prison Blues

Sunday, March 30, 2014

9:52am Phil

Here’s looking at you kid

[photo of him looking at the camera and smiling]
Good morning kid!   You have the best smile!

4:42pm Phil

Working out, hoping it lifts my mood.

5:26pm Phil

That didn’t help. Maybe a beer at the pub.

5:59pm Phil

Nothing works, this is bullshit. Down 14lbs though. Watching my diet more, which is helping. I wanna be 50 lighter. That’s a challenge but already wearing the next size jeans


Sorry for the funk!

Yay for smaller jeans!

6:07pm Phil

Ah well, comes and goes. Smaller jeans is good though. I swapped out a light fixture, swapped out shoes and I’m going to go sit and relax a bit. Hope your day is going great!


Here’s a fun 3 min music video… hope it chases your blues away!

Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon Sing Folsom Prison Blues


Ever been to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington, NC?  A cousin is at this restaurant tonight – looks like your kind of place!

Welcome to the Oceanic! The only restaurant in Wrightsville on the Atlantic Ocean where tourists and coastal residents have come to enjoy our culinary expertise on ocean front you will not soon forget!

Right on the ocean, with paella for only $22!

8:41pm Phil

Looks awesome! I’ve never been to Wrightsville but may have to go.

I love the places on the beach, my dream remains a little house on the beach, couple dogs and lots of love and laughs

My cousins have beach places along there from Wrightsville all the way down to around Myrtle Beach

8:45pm Phil

Cold beer and good food fresh from the sea.
Made blackened fish and veggies. Yummy.

That’s awesome. I want a jeep, a Harley and a place in a beach town.  And the opportunity to throw out all my suits!

Flip flops and shorts, let my hair grow.  Not too long but longer.

And I want the body to walk the beach. Working on that.

Look at the stretch along Rte 17 in NC, just north of Myrtle… Ocean Isle, Holden… near Calabash that has the most amazing seafood places… fun for a week or maybe longer
 – has the Inland Water Way on the back side for more fun

8:52pm Phil

I want to live at the beach, have to look, oysters and beer everyday.

Makes me happy. Miss my girl but I gotta get over that


Should pull up a map of that area.


or this one – great name!   
Check out the county web site hat covers that whole area… fasting growing county in NC…

Fun to poke around!

9:08pm Phil

Oh cool!


trick is not to spend too much on a house because it’s going to get ruined every 20 yrs or so by a storm

9:13pm Phil

Yeah there’s that.  Should have bought the place I was looking at years ago with the Beach Gal.
Forward!  looking on’s some fun real estate listings

Real estate… so fun to browse!

9:21pm Phil

Like the yellow one with the porch cute


The prices seem crazy cheap to me but you may have a different perspective

9:52pm Phil

Cheap to me too

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