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Saturday, March 29, 2014
Wow! What a night!   Sorry – I fell asleep at 7:30!  Safe travel!

8:56am Phil

Why thank you!


How was the lobster?

9:00am Phil

Delicious, had clams, mussels and oysters too!

Stopped into the adult book shop, a young couple got naked and put on a hell of a performance.


Whoa.  On purpose?   What a sexy trip you had!

9:04am Phil

Yeah, they started necking and then undressing and then fucking and sucking. She made a lot of noise and ended up with 20 guys jerking off on her. I was not one of those. Just an amused spectator


This isn’t a world I know but I like hearing about it!

Were your buddies with you?

9:06am Phil

They had gone back to their rooms

It was interesting. The couple drove 2 1/2 hours to get there.


Was the woman good looking, well endowed?

9:09am Phil

Nice kids, was her fantasy.

Cute blond, shaved, nice tits

Only the boyfriend penetrated but she had a dick in each hand


Did he use a condom?

9:12am Phil

He did not, came all over her face


did she suck others?

Do they have a stage or is this down some aisle or what?

9:16am Phil

No she did not, just hands. They were in the video viewing section.
She was splattered in cum and begging for more

Seemed a little risky to me


Part of the thrill probably

9:20am Phil

I’m sure.
She let people touch her and they did but she did not fuck or suck anyone else


Quite a bf to help her with that

9:23am Phil

Young serviceman and his girl. Above average dick and he fucked the hell out of her so he was enjoying too


Most men don’t like to share
9:24am Phil
I talked to them, normal, nice kids.

I know. I have friends who swing and they have done stuff like that


You get off on it after?

9:26am Phil

Not my thing. Fun to watch, maybe if you had been up


Sorry I missed that!

9:28am Phil

Me too!

Taking off, have a great Saturday!
Thought you’d enjoy more of my interesting life. It ain’t boring


Adored hearing!

9:30am Phil

Ha ha!


Are you facebooking in the air?

2:54pm Phil

I am


Oooh.  We’re living in the future!

2:55pm Phil

The future is now!


Did you feel the earthquake?

3:01pm Phil

No, I didn’t, guess it was decent sized too.

3:09pm Phil
Doing anything fun?


Just got home from lunch with Mom.

3:11pm Phil

Oh fun!     
You ready to land?
3:12pm Phil
Be there soon?

3:37pm Phil

About half an hour.
Looking forward to a scotch. I think my kid is there too.

3:41pm Phil

Wish you were waiting for me. I’d taste you


Awww… I like the way you think!

3:44pm Phil

Ha ha, after last nights activities.  Never seen anything quite like that


I have but only in p0rn vids!

3:45pm Phil

Perhaps I could spray you with cum


Always wanted to see you spurt!

3:46pm Phil

Different live when you can smell the cum, hear her moan and see every detail.
Next time I get up there


I will help you get to that point.

3:51pm Phil

Sure hope so!


With my hands.
And my hot mouth.
my gorgeous chest

3:52pm Phil

Mmmmm, many places I’d like your mouth and tongue, and I’ll be spraying those gorgeous tits.

Pound your tight pussy first.

Let you cum first and then let you play


Sounds perfect!

3:55pm Phil

Why yes!
Since you don’t use your toy, maybe we can find some uses for it


Oh yes… I dream of that

3:56pm Phil



Yes… trying them out with you.

Seeing how they enhance

3:57pm Phil

Ah cool!

They are a lot of fun.


Need a teacher, co-conspirator, playmate!

3:58pm Phil

Having a toy vibrating your clit while my cock is inside you feels amazing to both


Well, I have five… lots to try!

3:59pm Phil

Being sucked while a toy is slipped up your ass, also wonderful, a toy pressed against balls is wonderful

4:11pm Phil



Hmmm… you’ve given me some great activities to ponder!

4:14pm Phil

Best is girl sitting on my face, while she strokes and sucks while fucking my ass with a toy. Wow!
Lobster, crab, shrimp, clams for supper! Making a seafood boil. Thanks for keeping me occupied sassy girl. I needed the distraction and enjoyed it.
My pleasure!

4:18pm Phil

: ) 
8:26pm Phil
[photo of a bigger pile of seafood]
Wow!  Where?  How much?

I’ve never seen anything like that!

8:28pm Phil

I made it – four lobster tails, 4 pounds of crab, 3 pounds shrimp, 4 dozen clams/mussels

Also had andouille sausage, red potatoes and corn! Yummy


Awesome!  Especially with me staring at a KFC chicken bowl.

8:31pm Phil

Yuck! It was delicious and all fresh. Got it at the fish market

[gorgeous photo of a fish market]
Wow.. what a great photo!  I adore seeing what you’ve seen.

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