Sexy Back

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Sliding into work! 8:40 AM
NH Man: It is yet another fine winter land today. I’m out on the road and it is a bit slick. 10:29 AM
NH Man: I just shoveled my driveway. I was hoping you would do it for me. 3:37 PM
Me: There are many things I will do but that is not one of them! 4:17 PM
NH Man: So you have drawn a line 4:19 PM
NH Man: In the snow 4:19 PM
Me: I’d rather draw lines on your sexy back! 5:04 PM
NH Man: I was just thinking of you while I was shoveling the front steps at the beach place 5:06 PM
Me: I wish I was there – but have a project meeting tonight 5:07 PM
NH Man: On my way home now anyway 5:08 PM

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