Extra parts

Monday, March 10, 2014
Me: How’s it going hot stuff? 8:56 AM
NH Man: On my way to watch the baby.  Daughter ripped ACL skiing last week. 9:00 AM
Me: Ouch. Have fun with the little one! 9:36 AM
NH Man: She is sitting in the carseat drinking her bottle. Quite content 9:37 AM
NH Man: Daughter will need surgery next month to repair damage to her knee. Will need a transplant to replace ACL 9:39 AM
Me: Oh my. At least they can fix it? 9:44 AM
NH Man: Yeah with some dead guy’s extra parts 10:02 AM
Me: Wow! We’re living in the future. 10:03 AM
NH Man: It’s creeping her out 10:04 AM

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