Junk mail

Sunday, February 23, 2014 
NH Man: FYI I got what looks like spam link from you today and you sent to 17 other email addresses today about 3 pm. 7:27 PM
Me: Oh no! So sorry! Yuck! Thanks for telling me! 7:29 PM
NH Man: The first address in the list was insurance then insurance 1 and so on 7:30 PM
Me: Weird. That’s never happened! Odd…I don’t have a contract list, to avoid that. Yuck! 7:32 PM
NH Man: Were you sending email at 3pm? 7:33 PM
NH Man: I will forward it back to you so you can see the address list but don’t open the link. 7:34 PM
Me: Nope. 7:34 PM
Me: Thank you! I despise these spammers 7:35 PM
NH Man: Sent to your Yahoo email 7:36 PM
Me: May not make it thru my spam filter. 7:39 PM
Me: Okay – it came thru. Odd…most of those addresses I’ve never seen. Bleh. 7:41 PM
Me: Better change my pw 7:41 PM
NH Man: I got the same email from someone else from AM 7:42 PM
Me: You having a good weekend? 7:42 PM
NH Man: Living the dream 7:42 PM
Me: From both of us? Now that is strange. Ick. 7:42 PM
NH Man: Both emails were sent to the spam folder by yahoo. I seldom even look in the folder but I clicked it and saw your name 7:46 PM
Me: Mine from them is likely there 7:47 PM
Me: Yup – found it 7:48 PM
Me: Just watch out – it may tag all my emails that way now. Ugh  If you don’t hear from me, look in there!  7:49 PM

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