Certain aches

Saturday, February 8, 2014
Me: Good morning! 8:45 AM
NHMan: Good morning Sassy. Big weekend planned?  8:46 AM
Me: Busy day – snacks to theater work day, run a meeting there, lunch with Mom!  You?  8:50 AM
NH Man: Usual Saturday drivel. Errands  8:52 AM
Me: Good weather for it!  9:20 AM
NH Man: Have a great weekend!  9:28 AM
Me: You too!  Think of me a little bit?  10:00 AM 
NH Man: : )  : )   10:35 AM
NH Man: You walking like a duck yet quackier?  10:36 AM 
Me: I do have certain aches that make me smile and think of you.  10:47 AM

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