Remembering Rodnina

Friday, February 7, 2014
Happy Friday kid!  All better and off to work!

So good to see my nice NH Man last night.  Nothing like a hug to speed healing.  


Hubby and I had a nice dinner out tonight.  I felt like I hadn’t eaten any real food since Monday, so we went to a beautiful Italian place, sat in their greenhouse and indulged.  Their bruschetta is delicious!  Too dark in there for a photo, but it looked a lot like this. 
Did you see the Opening Ceremonies?   Strange and wonderful.

Hey!  A figure skater made the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Here’s why skating fans remember remember Irina Rodnina, who helped light the Olympic flame  (beyond her 10 World Championships with two different partners, and 3 Olympic gold medals in THREE Olympics…). Check out what happened at Worlds in ’73. Even Dick Button was flummoxed!  Their unison is better with no music than most other skaters with music!

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