NH Man again

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Still feeling tired and tummy is iffy so I stayed home.  Hope you have a terrific Thursday!
I found a way into the NBC online streaming of the Olympics, which they have set up to give access only to those who subscribe to their cable sport channel!  Arrrgh!  I whined on Facebook and a friend from CA gave me her login!  Ha!  So I watched the team figure skating live.  The Americans were so sub-par… falling and doing programs without enough technical content.  Bleh. 
12:05 am
After a nap and a shower, I felt much better so I drove to the beach to see the guy in NH again!  That state does a great job of cleaning up the roads after a storm. 
We had a lovely evening together.  He is so sweet to me – fed me dinner, was into gentle touching and conversation…. just what I needed.  
I left him about 11 pm and got home feeling really good!

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