Nibble on you

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 8:22 AM
NH Man: Good morning to you. What’s going on? 8:23 AM
Me: Headed to work. Yippee.  You? 8:26 AM
NH Man: I’ve been at work for a couple of hours. Just went to staff meeting on employee disengagement. I couldn’t be any more disengaged already. Can’t drink the Kool ade here much longer. 8:29 AM
Me: May I kiss you soon? 8:37 AM
NH Man: I can always use a kiss and a hug. Wifey drove herself to Boston so I won’t be down there this week. 8:39 AM
Me: What if I drove to NH? 8:41 AM
NH Man: Thursday night would be ok. Weather will suck Wednesday 8:42 AM
NH Man: Are you pondering this? 11:03 AM
Me: Sorry, work’s being a zoo.  Thursday looks great!  What time is best for you? 11:07 AM 
NH Man: 6 Ish. Want Chinese takeout?  11:08 AM
Me: Sounds good!  Want to nibble on you, too. 12:57 PM
NH Man: Yum 1:00 PM

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