Friday, January 31, 2014
Me: Happy Friday hot stuff! 9:20 AM
NH Man: Happy Friday to you too Sexy. It is kinda nice that it is not in single digits for a change. How’s the project doing? Taking up all your time? I have hockey tonight and tomorrow. 9:23 AM
Me: So great to be warmer!  Project was fun.  Hope your skaters win! 9:26 AM
NH Man: ? ? 9:27 AM
Me: I just got two question marks.. what? 9:28 AM
NH Man: Never mind. Your phone is not configured for HTML. You can’t see the little icons so you just get junk text. I sent you a little smiley picture 9:30 AM
Me: Awww. Thanks! Smootch! 9:34 AM
NH Man: XOXO 9:34 AM

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