Snickers cake

Friday, January 24, 2014

8:23am Sassy 
Happy Friday!  
Conference ended well, back to the normal chaos!
8:25am Phil 
Whoo Hooo! It is indeed happy Friday!
12:06pm Sassy 
You in the city or home today?
12:14pm Phil 
Office. Already pooped, ready to start the weekend

12:14pm Sassy 

What do you do all day?  Read files?  Sit in meetings?  Talk to people?

1:29pm Phil 

Read a lot, write a lot, talk to people. Writing a report now, strictly formatted, has to be reviewed by a lawyer, got to verify it all three times. It’s mind numbing. 
My little cell
[photo of his cubicle at work]
1:51pm Sassy
Thanks for the photo, and the info.  I adore being able to “context” you.  
It looks a lot like my spot!
2:05pm Phil 
I think all these cells pretty much look alike. 
They are an extension of the Federal Penitentiary System
2:07pm Phil 
Much more my style
[photo of him toasting me with a beer]
2:08pm Sassy 
Ooh!  Hiya Handsome!  Cheers!

6:54pm Sassy
Sis made a Snickers cake!  So rich and yummy!

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