Hot man hot food

Thursday, January 23, 2014
7:12am Sassy
Good morning kid!  5 degrees. Brr!  
Off to work early to run another big conference!

7:17am Phil 
Cold here too! Figured out the commute, rather drive but have to figure that out. The train takes so long! Could leave at four and be at work by five and then leave at 3:30 and be home before five if I drive.  Now I leave at 4:30, get to work at seven, leave at 5:15, get home at 7:30. That sucks

7:54am Sassy 
But is the train more productive time?

7:56am Phil 
I sleep so I guess. After hours, I’m not working
8:00am Sassy 
Are you required to be in there? Could you work at home?

8:07am Sassy 
Is one cheaper?  More fuel-efficient?   
Probably vary depending on weather, traffic etc
8:52am Phil 
I don’t know yet. 
I’d rather be at work at five and home around the same time
7-5 sucks

1:17pm Sassy 

I wish you were here – we had a big Indian buffet for lunch and there are a lot of leftovers!  I’ve put out an all-call to the other folks in the building…

2:37pm Phil 

Love Indian especially if it’s really hot!
2:38pm Sassy 
I know you’re a Vindaloo man.
Hot man likes hot food!

4:25pm Phil 
Mo hotta, mo betta

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