Results NORMAL

Saturday,  January 4, 2014
12:43pm Sassy  
Good afternoon!  How goes the house hunt?  Do you have a buyer’s agent?  
I’m off to Mom’s!  Hugs with groping kid!

2:35 pm Sassy
Chicken lo mein at Taipei Gourmet, shared with Mom

4:16pm Phil  

May have found a place. Enjoy Mom’s!

4:20pm Sassy  

Wow!  That’s far out!  Is there a bus or something?
5:29pm Sassy  
What makes it right?
7:31pm Phil  
My wife likes it
8:08pm Sassy  
Got my mammogram results – NORMAL!  Phew.
9:38pm Phil  
Should cover them with cum to celebrate

9:51pm  Sassy  
You have THE BEST ideas.
Would you help me with that?

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