Blowing snow

Thursday, January 2, 2014 
8:28 AM
Me: Good morning! Off to work in the snow.
8:29 AM
NH Man: I’m still on vacation in the snow
10:09 AM
Me: Lucky! It wasn’t bad driving this morning, hoping we can get home as easily! 
10:10 AM
NH Man: It will be much worse by tomorrow morning
11:40 AM
Me: I am hoping to leave early, and stay home tomorrow. What’re you doing today?
11:49 AM
NH Man: On my way out to run errands
11:50 AM
Me: Work stuff?
11:55 AM
NH Man: No, checking into stuff to do after I retire
8:16 PM
Me: We got out early, don’t have to work tomorrow!  Whee!
8:25 PM

NH Man: Lucky girl. What are your big plans. I will be blowing lots of snow and shoveling tomorrow

One thought on “Blowing snow

  1. Chaosm says:

    Simultaneous lives.
    Sharing the same moment.

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