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Monday, December 30, 2013
Hope work went well.  Do you have a nice office?

4:19pm Phil
it’s ok. Working till 6:30 today 11 hours on Tuesday and 11 hours on Thursday so I can have Friday off


Fun to be back in DC?
5:12pm Phil
Yeah, I like it here. Got good honest work that I enjoy, good people to work with, it’s all good! Gotta find a house.
So what will you be doing?

6:09pm Phil

My card

[PHOTO: his new business card]
6:09pm Phil
My new look

[PHOTO: His smiling face in a business suit!]
Wow!  Classy!
6:11pm Phil
Yeah, whatever

So you’re doing more of the same?

6:11pm Phil

Yup, with senior people
 Pays good


So dinner is on you next time?

Out for Japanese dinner

 tempura appetizer at Bluefin 



Do you have a team at work?

9:39pm Phil
Two of us

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