Being wonton

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Good morning kid!
Last day of work for me this year! Have a great Thursday!

9:53am Phil

That’s awesome! I started my day at the office researching and reading for the next job. Gotta do the move paperwork today, Christmas Party and then go through clothes and junk to donate or throw out. Off to the gym first!

Holiday lunch with my co-workers at Russell House Tavern.  Yum.

Deviled eggs 
Butternut squash bisque
Spaghetti and Smoked Lamb Belly Meatballs, Roasted Tomatoes, Pecorino
Housemade donuts
6:06pm Phil
Now a relaxing cigar and scotch
Having Chinese dinner then to see Hubby’s latest project!

6:37pm Phil

Enjoy, had Chinese last night in China Town


Being wonton
a bowl of wonton soup 
from Shanghai Village, Arlington, MA
6:40pm Phil
Ha ha

General Gao’s chicken 
7:01pm Phil

[PHOTO: His smiling face in the kitchen]
Mmm…I’d like that with whipped cream.

7:04pm Phil

You have to whip up the cream


I have the right tools!
7:07pm Phil
Do you now? Someone just left sinful eggnog on my porch.

I love this neighborhood.

Extra brandy like I like it!


: )

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