The Lawyer wants me

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
4:41 PM The Lawyer: Where’s Sassy?
4:41 PM Sassy: just about to leave work.  Hiya handsome!
4:42 PM The Lawyer: How are you????
4:42 PM  Sassy: I’m great!
4:43 PM Sassy: You?
4:43 PM The Lawyer: Ok!!  Missing you!
4:44 PM Sassy: Awww… I think of you often!
4:44 PM The Lawyer: How was your christmas party?
4:45 PM Sassy: Nice!
4:45 PM The Lawyer: We need to do more than think!!!
4:45 PM Sassy: It’s low key… just decorate a room with snow flakes… bring in some finger food and invite everyone we work with during the year
4:46 PM Sassy: Yes please.
4:46 PM Sassy: When I leave the office tomorrow, I don’t have to go back until Jan 2.
4:46 PM Sassy: 13 days. You want to claim one?
4:47 PM The Lawyer: At least part!!!!  When are you taking them?
4:48 PM Sassy: I am completely off work except the morning of Dec. 24
4:48 PM Sassy: You can’t have Christmas. Or NYE after 10 PM
4:48 PM Sassy: You can have any other time! You going away? Working?
4:49 PM The Lawyer: Wow!!!
4:50 PM The Lawyer: I’ll be away most of the time 25th to 1st– but time before?
4:50 PM Sassy: Yes.  Friday? Weekend? Monday?
4:51 PM Sassy: I want you
4:52 PM The Lawyer: Fri and weekend are tough — Monday? Tomorrow?
4:52 PM The Lawyer: I want you too
4:53 PM Sassy: Monday?
4:54 PM The Lawyer: Ok !
4:54 PM Sassy: What time?
4:54 PM The Lawyer: When’s good?
4:55 PM Sassy: whenever… I’m open
4:55 PM The Lawyer: Noonish?
4:55 PM The Lawyer: I intend to take advantage of that!!! Lol
4:55 PM Sassy: Sure.
4:56 PM Sassy: You want to do the hotel thing again? Rates are low
4:56 PM The Lawyer: Sounds good to me!
4:56 PM Sassy: May not be able to check in that early…
4:56 PM The Lawyer: Sounds good__ your preference!
4:57 PM The Lawyer: That could be a problem— true
4:57 PM Sassy: Will you have a few hours?
4:57 PM The Lawyer: Expect to– plan on wearing me out??? Lol
4:58 PM Sassy: Was thinking I can try to check in
4:58 PM Sassy: If that doesn’t work, we could do lunch?
4:59 PM The Lawyer: Sounds good– i will have to go back to office at some point
4:59 PM Sassy: There’s The 99 right there, or Regina’s, Sushi place, etc at Wellington
4:59 PM Sassy: Would it work better to say 3 PM ?
5:00 PM The Lawyer: Whichever should work
5:00 PM Sassy: Can’t bank on early check in
5:01 PM The Lawyer: Possible– will need to check if that’ll work
5:05 PM The Lawyer: Can’t tell right now
5:05 PM Sassy: Sure. There’s time
5:06 PM Sassy: I wish it could be tomorrow…
5:06 PM Sassy: but it’s my last day here… then have plans in the evening
5:06 PM The Lawyer: Ok—kid is coming in that day
5:06 PM Sassy: aha
5:07 PM The Lawyer: So do i– understand!
5:07 PM Sassy: What about early morning?
5:07 PM The Lawyer: Always a possibility– how would that work?
5:07 PM Sassy: I could check in on Sunday… then we could use the room in the morning
5:08 PM Sassy: until check-out time
5:08 PM The Lawyer: Aah!!!  Like it
5:09 PM Sassy: Should I make a reservation?
5:10 PM The Lawyer: Yes!!!
5:11 PM The Lawyer: Ok with you???
5:11 PM Sassy: Okay. So I’ll go check in Sunday… you appear EARLY Monday morning!
5:11 PM Sassy: I will hug you
5:11 PM The Lawyer: And I will hug you!
5:11 PM Sassy: Yay! A plan!
5:12 PM Sassy: I might want you to kiss me too…
5:12 PM The Lawyer: I will.  And much much more
5:12 PM Sassy:  : )
5:12 PM Sassy: Yay!
5:12 PM Sassy: Okay… gotta run! Monday… think Monday!
5:12 PM Sassy: And BOOBS!
5:12 PM The Lawyer: Sounds soooo goood!
5:13 PM Sassy: Mwah!
5:13 PM The Lawyer: Mmmmmn awesome!!! I can’t wait!
From: Sassy 
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 7:11 PM
Subject: Monday
Dear Tom, 
I made the arrangements we discussed.  It comes to $105 ($94 + tax).  Whee!  
If we need to cancel, please tell me before 6 pm Sunday. 
Let me know what time to be there Monday.  I’m thinking 8:30 or 9 am? 
We’ll have to end by 12 noon.  Might be able to stretch to 1 pm. 
Any questions? 
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Dec 19, 2013 10:49 AM
Re: Monday
mmmn… questions?   lol  
what do you have in mind for me?   what might you be wishing from me?? lol
I’ll be able to be there hopefully as early as 8 or so… and I will have to be gone by 11– my guess.   I can’t wait!!

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