An Arabic Meal

December 2013

Year 4 – Week 17
Sunday, December 1, 2013 

6:34 pm

Hubby and I had a very special Arabic meal this afternoon in Watertown.  A friend of his was doing a photo shoot at a restaurant to update their website, and needed folks to populate the place on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  So we volunteered to eat and allow our images, mostly our hands, to be photographed.  

Kareem’s Restaurant is a beautiful, zen place at 99 Common Street, a side street off Mt. Auburn very close to Watertown Square with a cheery yellow facade, big windows, classy dining room and open kitchen.  

 The chef, Ahmad Yasin, welcomes everyone. He is an affable fellow.  With the open kitchen, we got to watch the entire process as he chops, blends and cooks the freshest ingredients.  Nothing like dinner and a show!

 We started with the house made Sharaab al Rawda -Pomegranate “drink of the garden” a tart, refreshing fruit beverage.  It’s the kind of drink that makes you feel healthier as you sip it.

 We shared two appetizers with Hubby’s friend – classic hummus and royal beet hummus.  Both were incredibly smooth and flavorful.  They were served with fresh pita bread.

 We also got to try the Smoked Salmon Kibbeh – The chef’s specialty – with wheat, smoked salmon, spices, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil.

 The entrees come with the Lemon-mint Drizzled Fatoosh Salad- The word Fatoosh derives from the Arabic root word “to crumble,” or small crunchy pieces of pita bread. It is a wonderful, healthy and refreshing salad with a light lemon-based dressing, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, fennel and hint of fresh mint.

Hubby had the Kibbeh entree – an amazing square of ground lamb kneaded with bulgur wheat. The filling consists of ground lamb cooked with onions, spices and pine nuts. Served with homemade yogurt and grilled asparagus.

 I had the best stuffed grape leaves I’ve ever tasted!  A mixture of lamb, rice and spices rolled into the grape leaves cooked in fresh lemon juice. Served with homemade yogurt.

As a thank you for helping out with the photo shoot, the chef gave us dessert – Kanafa: A classic Arab dessert in which “jubnah hulwah,” sweet white cheese is baked between two layers of shredded filo pastry, pistachios and orange flavored syrup. Baked to golden color and served warm.  It was very light and the flavors danced on my tongue in an amazing cheesy, nutty, crunchy, fruity treat.

The place is open on Saturdays and Sundays 11 am – 8 pm by reservation only, and they only take cash or checks.  There was easy parking on the wide street.  He also caters, so I might be able to order for work sometime.  My mouth has not been this happy in a long time!

Speaking of aging gracefully, did you see these folks?  You look better than any of them kid!           

New Wave artists aging gracefully. An 80’s world gone by…
11:17pm Phil
That’s cool! I did not have the benefit of drugs

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