Gloucester Day

Friday, November 29, 2013
Happy Black Friday!  I took a 4-hr nap after turkey, so I don’t feel like sleeping… Are you up early doing the silly shopping thing?  I hope you don’t get trampled!
8:27am Phil
I’m out now picking some things up
 No trampling

Lobsta Land lunch!
 The salt marsh behind the restaurant.  Such a gorgeous day! 
 Classic clam chowder
 Crispy coconut shrimp 
with thai cucumber salad and honey-ginger dressing
 Scallops satay 
with thai cucumber salad with spicy peanut chili vinaigrette
 Lazy man lobster – Fresh picked lobster meat baked 
with our seasoned cracker crumbs and lemon butter
 Dessert!  Key lim pie, chocolate mousse 
and creme brulee 
 Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester 
with the twin lights in the background at sunset
 The ocean
That house on Good Harbor Beach
Nichols Candies Shop, Gloucester 
3:15pm Phil
Looks wonderful!

5:29pm Phil

I had more basic food

[photo of a cheeseburger and fries]
5:29pm Phil 

[photo of him at a pub with a beer]
And the food looks tasty too.

6:32pm Phil

Sassy girl : )

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