Turkey plans

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Good morning to you kid!  Wednesday is here with 60 degrees and 60 mph winds and rain!  Bleh.  I’m off to the office for half the day!

8:00am Phil

10 degrees here with wind. I’ll trade ya

11:41am Phil

Sending a smile your way! Have a great day!

[photo of him at home smiling]
Thanks kid!  Mwah!
Thanks for the retirement ceremony photos – some great shots!

11:46am Phil 

It was a fun event. Lots of pomp and ceremony.
Mom loved it.

3:48pm Phil


[photo of him with a cigar and scotch out in the garage]
Are you hiding in the garage?
I adore your smile.

3:51pm Phil  

Yep, got a heater in here
Why are you hiding?

3:54pm Phil 

Not hiding, just relaxing
I can have a cigar out here


I’m home munching on Chinese food.
Watching porn.

4:01pm Phil

4:47pm Phil
Supposed to do that with someone.
Get all worked up with no one to play with


I’ve never watched with someone there… wonder what that’s like?
I have watched with a very nice man far away… you made it very hot!

4:50pm Phil

Ha! Much more fun with someone, toys, lube, and lots of bodily fluids.
Try the stuff you are watching. It’s great fun!

5:14pm Phil 


Happy Thanksgiving! My last one here.
Making the traditional dinner tomorrow.
Pies to bake tonight and cheesecake.


Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I’ll be at my sister’s as usual, washing dishes!
Hubby got her to invite one of his ladies.

5:19pm Phil
Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, whiskey sours, creamed herring, fresh cranberry sauce and of course football


I wish I was with you… Sis is making her usual raft of odd things.
And invited 17 people.
We do get latkes since some of her friends are celebrating Hanukkah!
5:21pm Phil
Hubby’s lady? Really? WHAT THE FUCK?!
 No respect


Nothing like a modern family!

5:22pm Phil 

That’s not modern
 I’d have said hell no.
I’m a little old fashioned


Well, her boyfriend was there last year
It won’t kill me

5:24pm Phil  

Whose boyfriend?



5:25pm Phil  

Thought she was married.


Yup.  and poly.
I know, it sounds radical.

5:28pm Phil

Oh, had no idea. Whatever works.
I’m not ever going to judge.
It’s a short ride and everyone should be happy.


Your kids coming there?

5:31pm Phil

I have wonderful friends who swing.
Been naked in a hot tub with them.
Been in a pool full of naked people. Was actually a lot of fun.

No she is staying home. We did Thanksgiving while she and Mom were here.

Just four extra folks who have no place to go

I have the sex life of a monk, funny, I’m as wide open as it gets

Yeah… me too for the most part

5:38pm Phil 

Lucky us


I’d rather be mundane, monogamous…
but fate has dealt me other cards!

5:40pm Phil

Couple of girls blew my world apart. Both amazing.
Mom is best friends with one. It’s a strange world.

Me too. I’m trying, have a good life, love what I do, My wife is good people and I’m pretty happy. Trying to be unselfish for kids and my wife has paid her dues but I’d give a lot for a soul healing hug and to spend a night being touched and loved by a woman who just wants to please me.


this time last year I really thought you’d be with the Beach Gal this Christmas

5:48pm Phil 

I love the hell out of that girl but she wants someone to take care of her and I’m not sure she would not be just as happy with anyone who was there and taking care of her. I need someone who just wants me, no flirting with others, I’m ten years older than her and I’m afraid she would grow bored with me

5:49pm Phil

She made me happy
My kids would hate me
I cry every night over that one
She’s so wrong yet so right and I just adore her
I’m going to take the big job, live in the big house, play the expected game
How fucked up am I
Sounds like so many guys I talk to.


I think you’re an idiot.  But it’s not up to me!
I’ll still send you p0rn no matter who you live with, kid.

[He called me!]

Thank you so much for calling!

9:20pm Phil  

[Turkey drawing]
Hee hee.  Very cute!

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