Monday, November 25, 2013
Good morning kid!  Happy Monday!
Brrr…wicked cold 19 degrees.
Stay warm!

9:54am Phil

Yeah cold here too! Doing inside chores today! Enjoy the day!

It’s Turkey week! Planning a drive to DC to scout housing and find a place. House we own just rented again. Military family. I need to rent it a few more years. Then sell both houses, buy a beach house in Fla and relax.


FYI – putting this out there.  If you are going alone to D.C. and staying somewhere alone and would have a little time, and want to see me… I can get to Baltimore for $166 RT in early December.  Or you’re welcome to pop up here.  If not, never mind!
3:32pm Phil
My wife is going. Gotta find a home and staying with friends.  This will be a quick very busy run. I don’t have much time left and starting to feel a little rushed

Ah well.  Figured.
But never want to miss a chance to say “I WANNA!”

3:35pm Phil
Ha ha! Nothing but an older gentleman here anyway

[photo of him at his desk smiling]
3:36pm Phil
I used to be so young, now I’m so old. Look like someone’s Grandpa
You are the youngest looking guy for our age that I’ve seen!
3:38pm Phil
Well at least everything still works and I can keep up in the gym

[photo of him just out of the shower with his hair all mussed up and naked shoulders]

[photo of James Brolin]

The guy I met Fri looks like this –

3:39pm Phil

James Brolin I think, he’s a lot older than me


This is one of the good looking ones… last one looked like Ed Asner!

3:40pm Phil 

Brolin is a good looking guy
Trust me… you look young, and handsome

I get emails every day from the dating service and good god almighty most of them?  Bleh

3:41pm Phil

Good living I guess
I just try to enjoy the ride


Absolutely!  And you are a good guy too.
Not just a pretty face!

3:42pm Phil 

I try to be. It costs nothing to be kind and pleasant

I want to sit on that face, BTW

3:45pm Phil

Ha ha, now that sounds like fun.
I try not to take myself or anything else too seriously, seems to help.
Still very active and I feel good and that helps.
Got my Mom’s genes


I am feeling really good these days, noticing the difference from a year ago when it seems like everything was messed up – job, foot, guys…
3:46pm Phil
Glad to hear that.
Getting laid every once in awhile helps too


Haven’t done that in too long, but I have prospects!

3:49pm Phil

Well good, prospects are good


I feel like Elvis most of the time
“A little less talk, A little more ACTION!”  Ha ha

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