Great man

Saturday, November 23, 2013
Good morning kid!  Happy Saturday!  Off to Mom’s for lunch.

11:2am Phil

Steamed up windows are always good too.

I was a naughty girl.

11:22am Phil

Good morning! Have a great lunch!
Worked out, walked the dogs and now off to buy suits. My new uniform.

I love naughty girls

Hope you both had orgasmic experiences


It always make wish I could be naughty with you instead.
Why are you so damn far away kid?

11:24am Phil

Something about doing it in a car
Going to be a lot closer soon


He has a Ford Explorer with that big third row bench seat…

11:25am Phil
Even better


I want you this close… ||
Note – there is no space between those characters!
11:26am Phil
Ha ha, that would be balls deep which is always fun
Mmmm… I adore that phrase… always make me twinge!
You rascal!

11:28am Phil

Ha ha! Like my socks?

[photo of his cock… and his socks]
What socks? : )

11:30am Phil

Just trying to add a smile to your day!

Oh, you do, mister.
And a dripping c u n t!

11:37am Phil

Mmmmmm, I like it


Just right for putting your gorgeous cock into!
Over and over…


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