Long Island Day 2

Saturday, November 9, 2013
9:09am Phil
It was a wonderful day! Thank you
Yay!   Are you okay?  Been hoping it feels good.
9:10am Phil
Slept in, yeah I’m fine!
Slept in?  Who is this?!
9:14am Phil
Enjoying myself
Last time you were a civilian, you were kissing 16 year old me goodbye at church.  Heh.
Brunch at JT’s Corner Cafe, Nesconset, NY 

Breakfast Beverages!  
Hot chocolate with whipped cream, fresh squeezed OJ, and water! 

 Louisiana French Toast (croissants with banana and cinnamon whipped cream), 
ham & cheese omelette, side of bacon. Yum!

12:49pm Phil

Ha ha
I recommend doing the kissing part again.  Soon.

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