Down in RI

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Down in RI today with Mom and a NC cousin… drove past Evelyn’s Drive-In and thought of you!  Such a beautiful area!
8:45pm Phil
I liked that place
I found out The Boat House Restaurant that I like so much is owned by the same people that run The Moorings, where you went in Newport 
8:49pm Phil
Oh cool! Also a good place
You having football fun?  Any good eats?
8:51pm Phil
My team sucked. Had lobster ravioli
Sorry about your team.  Yay for lobster!
8:52pm Phil
Yeah, young team, they will get better
I had the most amazing seafood linguini with shrimp, calamari, lobster and fresh pasta… perfect!
8:59pm Phil
It looked like something you’d make…and eat!  Here are photos.  And a video of the waves.  🙂

Cousins at the beach
 South Beach, Little Compton, RI

 Grinnell’s Beach, Tiverton, RI

Mount Hope Bay and the pier next to the Boat House Restaurant, Tiverton, RI 
Mom’s lobster rol and housemade chips @ The Boat House, Tiverton, RI 

My lunch @ The Boat House, Tiverton, RI – seafood linguini!  Yum!  

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