Greek banter

Saturday, September 28, 2013
12:15am Phil
The concert was fabulous and so fun
Yay!  Did you boogie?
12:35am Phil
I did! Great show at the city winery
9:02pm Phil
Had Greek in Greek Town.
Had Moussaka, octopus, Greek salad and saganaki, was fabulous!
Ate at Pegasus. Will be back to try the others too! OPA!
Wow… that sounds delicious!  OPA!
9:04pm Phil
I could not remember the doughnuts you got
Lamb looked fabulous, the entire staff sounded like they just got off the boat. Was wonderful
it was a pastry – galacktoburiko
sort of like a napoleon
the donuts are called loukoumades
I think you had those near home once
9:06pm Phil
The longest Greek word! I got it! Was delicious!
I had the Napoleon thing, so so good
I remember
I always think “galactic burrito”  heh
9:07pm Phil
Oh that’s good
Any kissing in the parking lot?
9:13pm Phil

Come here and I will fix that.

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