Sending his smile

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Sniffle cough cough
9:29am Phil
Oh that sucks. Hope you fell better Sass.
It’s huuuuuuummmppp Daaaaaay
Probably the cold meds but all I can think of is humping you!
1:47pm Phil
That’s what day it is!
Whoo Hoo
I think of it every day
2:16pm Phil
You need to raise your expectations from old over the hill guys
6:32pm Phil
Hope you are feeling better girl
[photo of him smiling outside with a cigar]
1 pm took Nyquil.  Zonk.  Just waking up now.
Feel crappy.  Please let tomorrow be better!
Thanks for sending your smile!  Mmmm
7:03pm Phil
My pleasure sweet girl
7:20pm Phil
[photo of him smiling outside]
Awwww…. you know what I like!  Thank you kid.
The combo of your smile and hot Thai soup are making me feel better!

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